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Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Guide

Updated on September 30, 2010

How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch mark laser surgery is a treatment to remove white/silver/black stretch marks through the use of laser technology. The laser is similar to what is used in LASIK eye surgery. The laser removes the very thin, top layers of scarred skin tissue. It removes stretch marks as well as other skin blemishes and marks.

Stretch mark removal surgery uses a laser light beam that goes along the stretch mark and removes the thin layers of skin. The laser does not burn the skin or cut it, instead it is very high ultra-violet light that is used. As these layers of skin are removed, the scar tissue is removed also. The light changes the bonds in the skin tissue. This process is called ablation and once the laser has gone over the entire stretch mark, the skin heals quickly after the procedure is completed. New skin begins to grow over the area where the stretch mark was and the skin is then once again smooth and without lines or marks. It is an out patient procedure.

Pregnancy Stretch Mark
Pregnancy Stretch Mark

The Procedure

The laser stretch mark removal surgery session may last 10 minutes or up to an hour. This will all depend on where the stretch marks are located, the severity of the stretch marks and their size. Stretch mark removal usually does require multiple sessions, anywhere from 3 to 6 or more, again depending on the stretch marks and what treatment the dermatologist feels is necessary. There is no pain associated while the procedure is taking place, there might be pinching feeling, but that is all.

After the procedure is completed, the skin will be tender. New skin is growing and so the area will be slightly sore after wards. There may be redness and slight blistering while the skin is healing, this usually only last a day or two. Occasionally, the healing can take longer, up wards of a few weeks, when there have been numerous sessions and the stretch marks were more sever. However, during this healing time, the patient is not impeded in any way and treats the area the same as a minor burn.

The procedure can be done on anyone that has stretch marks. Patients with stretch marks that are new many times have better results. These are stretch marks that are purple, red or brown in color. However, stretch marks that are silver and white can still be removed as well, it may take more sessions since the stretch marks have matured. Anyone that has stretch marks from weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy can have the procedure done. Common areas are thighs, breasts, arms, stomachs, hips and the buttocks. However, they can appear anywhere and be removed for patients looking for smoother, younger looking skin.

Pros & Cons

A major benefit of using stretch mark removal surgery is that it works. It is effective and it is safe. It is not invasive like other procedures and produces dramatic results that can be over time, after each session. It has few complications as well and there is very little to no recovery time necessary. Keep in mind that though stretch mark laser removal sessions are effective, results do vary from patient to patient. Aside from the factors stated above, there is also the age of the patient and how the skin responds to the treatment to take into account as well. Each person's results will be different, since some patient's will require multiple sessions, while others may not. Some stretch marks will be harder to remove than others and may lighten them and not remove them completely. However, again it is more effective than creams and lotions available, as well as safe and effective for the most part. The treatment will make a difference.

There can be some side effects in some cases. The surgeon using the laser should be well versed in the control and use of it. The laser could cause some superficial damage to skin if mishandled. Occasionally, bruising can occur as well as swelling and blistering. This is rare and does disappear after a few days, but can happen. These side effects are not life threatening either and do go away. Once in awhile changes in the color of skin can happen to the area that has been treated too. Again, this is only temporary and as the new skin grows the area will go back to it's original color.

Surgery Cost

Stretch mark laser surgery can cost between $400 and $1500 per treatment session. This is going to depend on the dermatologist that is used. The average cost varies, since each person will receive different treatment and the number of sessions will vary as well. Some doctors do offer financing and payment plans to their patients. Insurance does not usually cover stretch mark removal surgery since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. It is more costly that other types of treatments, however it is much more effective and will last a life time.

Video: Laser Stretch Mark Removal


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    • profile image

      Chantal 7 years ago

      I have stretch marks since 9years ago,I would be happy to be without them

      They have became blown ,not only that my housband hates them more than I do.

      What can be the cost if I do laser stretch marks removel + tummy removel????

      I would like to do it after having my second babe on 15th/08/ 2011. I would like to do all my body to look more younger after having my babe......pls email me your contacts and phone number. Thank you so much