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In Answer to How to Develop your Personality

Updated on October 5, 2010

Developing Your Personality

Believe it or not you already have a personality. If you're young or insecure, you might think that your particular personality isn't good enough. Some questions to ask might be, "What kind of personality do you want to have?" or "What is it about your personality that you find lacking? Are you a meek wallflower and want to be popular, daring and brave? Do you know anyone who has the kind of personality that you want to emulate?" let's be real and make it clear that not everyone can be or do anything they want. But, having said that, there are many people who overcome outrageous obstacles and do achieve their dreams. So, having been a shy nerd (I'd have been called a geek, only that word hadn't been invented when I was young), I wanted to overcome my fears and develop a personality that was risk taking, confident, popular, clever etc. If you follow some of my other Hubs, you'll read that I've had some pretty good successes. I've also had drastic failures. Trying and failing and then trying some more is what builds your personality. Unless you've got all the money in the world (Paris Hilton) and can buy your way into popularity, fame and seeming wisdom. when I was a Disc Jockey, they limited what could be talked about and changed the name to "Air Personality". That's like "Air Guitar." You can pretend all you want, but theres no substance there. 

Start to Become You

Get a good education. Work towards the career you think you want. Meet people and get to know them; let them know you. Fall in Love, even if it's only with the thought of Love! Help others and find something to believe in. When you start to know who you are, then you can really BE someone. Living a meaningful life (even if only you know the meaning) is what gives you personality. Don't strive to be a character; strive to develop character. You can take a Dale Carnegie course to learn to speak in public (and a lot more), look into NLP, they have great ways to get over phobias, fears and mental blocks, AND, there are thousands of self help books. Go to the library and spend a couple of quiet hours reading how others developed their personalities. Make yourself a priority, focus on you and listen to your inner voice. That voice is the same one that prompted you to ask this question.....Good Luck....Eddie


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    • Seldon55 profile image

      Seldon55 7 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

      Thanks CP,

      I don't know if I could accomplish as lofty an accomplishment as you mention, but if I can help a couple of people I'll be happy.....Eddie

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 7 years ago from Vermont, USA

      I'm one of those characters you mentioned and continued reading after the title just to see what advice you could possibly impart to the personality deprived.

      I must admit your suggestions are both viable and valuable. I hope this reaches its intended audience and opens up a world of social interaction to those so afflicted.