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In Loving Memory of all the Lost Angels/Children We Have Lost to Child Abuse and Other Travisties

Updated on December 9, 2013

Gods Smallest Little Angels

This is a story about all of gods smallest little angels that are taken away from us too soon. While remembering the sexual abuse that I had endured at the hands of my mothers boyfriend with my roommate, who also endured sexual abuse by her stepfather and realizing that we are among the survivors, I decided to research the topic of sexually abused children and their situation which caused their death. and the stories cause me to cry uncontrollably, so I decided that these are stories which should be told in remembrance of those children who have been taken away too soon.

Worst child abuse death case in Arizona (Amy Deal)

Haylee Mazzella How Could Anyone?

Child Abuse

Rest In Peace Megan

11 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide~ Bullying Suspected

Whether it's Child Abuse, Drunk Driving, Child Molestation or Bullying, It's Wrong!

Regardless if its child abuse, or child molestation, or drunk driving, or even bullying that's taking these children away from their families and the rest of the world too soon it's wrong, there has to be some type of control factors in place to ensure that every effort is being implemented in order to keep these children safe from harms way.

Young children are placed in our custody for us to protect them and shelter them from harm and pain and yet we are still loosing them to the presence of evil what seems to be the problem or better yet I guess a better question is what is the solution.

In some cases we are not paying enough attention to our children and in other cases, we might be suffocating them until they feel the need to sneak out on their own, and hang out with the wrong crowd.

What ever the case may be, we need to band together and stop these deaths of our young people, because they are our future and without them their is no us.

Sometimes when I'm driving down the street I see very young children are 3 or 4 playing unsupervised out in the middle of the street, I have to literally stop my car and blow my horn, and yell get out of the road, who's suppose to be watching these children? Their parents are, and any other neighbors that may be witnessing these actions.

First of all, these are not my children but if i should look the other way then I'm just as responsible for the negligence as their parents are so here's one solution, if you are not ready to give up your socializing to be a parent then don't have children, because your children are not the responsibility of others they are your responsibility.

They shouldn't be allowed to play unsupervised in the streets, and they should not be out at all hours of the night, now that's just my opinion.As you have already probably noticed there are many different types of stories that I have included in this article, but all of which contain the loss of small loved ones, so this article is dedicated to those who have lost a youngster or someone too soon. My heart goes out to you.

I may not have all the answers, but I know that if we just take the time to slow down our own rat race and spend some time with our children ensuring that the are supervised and looked out for instead of letting the TV or the Neighbor babysit for us, at least we know that our youngsters are actually safe. I have noticed that on the weekends my neighbors simply put their children outside, they don't go out with them, and these children are not being supervised. I have had my neighbors kids climbing into my back yard over a locked gate.

and I have had to stop them from coming into my yard because i have a boxer who is very protective of her yard and it's surroundings as she was taught to be. I'm a single woman and I got her to be protected from outside forces.

Thank you everyone who stops in and reads this article and remember even though young parents may not always be prepared to raise their children it does help if we keep an extra eye out and try to keep those little ones safe from harm.

Remember to p[lease rate this page and article and let me know whether it was useful, thanks again. Sincerely, Viv darling

The Loss of our Small Ones

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