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Independent Living For Disabled

Updated on October 22, 2011

Disability can be of any form like impairments, activity limitations or participation restrictions. Although you cannot participate fully in everyday chores with maximum capacity but that doesn’t mean you get discouraged and sit back to be pitied and looked down upon.

Instead of getting 100% dependant on others try doing works like eating, drinking, cleaning, studying, shopping, managing homes etc on your own.

Here are some tips for you:

Do Not Depend On Others

Living with a disability in one self is not an easy thing. One has to face a lot of things in life. That is why you should have a strong will power and face difficulties of life with firm faith in yourself, and not depend on temporary shoulders. Once in a while that seems ok all right but great amount of help would weaken one’s own capabilities. After all running a house is not that easy and frequent help cannot be sought.

Interior Of House

Your house should be designed in such way that suits you best. Care should be taken that kitchen, dinning room, store room and your bed room is on the ground floor other essentials like level of switches, shelves, racks etc should also be maintained at convenient height keeping in mind the nature of disability so you can easily switched fans and light on and off and can easily reach shelves.

It is better to have an intercom and cameras, fixed in each room or at least on each floor. This way you can carry out house hold work without moving from one room to another (one floor to another) again and again to check on people. Simply check or view what children or others are doing using these gadgets.

No Need Of Daily Cleaning / Washing

There would be limitations to your capabilities. You might take more time than normal persons to accomplish a task.  Keeping this thing in mind you should realize that you have to do majority of the house keeping stuff yourself without getting tired and without any deterioration in health. 

Washing and cleaning can be done on alternate day basis or after two days. All the decoration pieces should be placed in a glass case, so that dust is not layered. Unreachable places like ceiling fans, walls, storerooms etc can be cleaned on monthly basis, by the helper who is hired for the job.

Washing clothes can be done on weekly basis, on Sunday maybe with the help of your partner. You can also ask your children to sort out clothes, colour wise, for you. Dry cleaning is not a bad option either 

Use Doormats

Another way to handle dirt is using a doormat to keep dirt outside the house and not ruining the indoor floors.

If floor is carpeted then using a vacuum cleaner could be a great help.

Eat Only In The Kitchen Or Dining Room

A routine should be set that eating is done only in kitchen or in a dinning room.

These places can be cleaned daily only if needed, and rest at a gap of a day or two.

Break The Chores Into Smaller Steps

Try not to do everything at the same time and quickly. It is advisable that chores are broken into smaller steps as it is more convenient and less tiring.


Eating is one of the necessities of life and has to be done twice or thrice a day. To deal with the cooking work daily, thrice, you can try nutritious recipes which are easy and quick, requiring less of energy and time.

For breakfast make milkshakes for everyone or fruit juices. Try out easy fruit and vegetable salads and sandwiches instead of time consuming recipes in the afternoon.

At night prepare proper dinner with other members of family helping you out.

Door Safety

For security purpose the door locks and bird eye should be at the level of the wheelchair so that it is convenient to attend the door any time.

An intercom should also be placed so that if you are not near the door, through an intercom you can attend. The door openings should be wide enough for a wheel chair to pass. This way you are connected to each member of the family and each corner of the house. 

Independent Living Assitance For Disabled People


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