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Fitness Exercises For Disabled

Updated on October 22, 2011

Who can refuse this fact that how much a recreation is significant for a human? It is not merely for the sake of fun or joy but it really freshens up the soul and body, which then leaves a good impression on its potentialities.

If a human does not have the opportunity to have joy or fun then he may get mentally tired and could not execute the other jobs with determination.

Fun activities can be of different natures and types; it could be physical or only spiritual or mental. Physical fun actions not only keep people fresh but also make them healthy and fit and also strengthen their muscles.

There are billions of disable persons around us on this earth and huge number of these disable people has very less opportunities to have fun or joy through some activities of sports.

While the social systems are becoming mature there are many refined ways adapted to address the various requirements of the society. Therefore the sports for the disabled people are also available even in the form of teams of international levels.

Indeed handicapped people need these sports yet more than us so there are various such activities which we can share with disabled people and they can simply participate depending upon the special requirements which differentiate person to person.

Some of such activities are depicted below to produce the main idea that what are the choices available for the handicapped to keep their selves healthy and fit.

Ways In Which Disabled People Can Remain Fit

  • Gym: There are many of exercises and physical fitness procedures which can be adapted by joining any gym. Even though everyone cannot do every kind of exercises but there are many exercises which are suitable for every one.

  • Dancing: Everybody can dance, even though if one has some locomotion issue or is an elderly person but even a good music can make them dance which also stimulate their muscles.

  • Swimming: Not everybody but many disabled people can easily do swimming with just a little learning and practice. It is a complete exercise and also a healthy activity.

  • Cricket: There are also many teams of cricket at international level of disabled people who play cricket. If you have a chance around then you can join and enjoy this play.

  • Sailing: Sailing is again a best idea and many of disable people who have some interest already doing sailing.
  • Fishing: Fishing is also an entertaining activity which nearly everyone can do. It can be done for the interest of fresh air and fun at some good place.

  • Racing: Racing is such type of activity where wheelchair users can also take part.
    If there are various clubs where other users of wheelchair are also registered then such racings can be organized using power wheel chairs or hand rims wheel chairs.

  • Trips: Recreational trips are also one more good option. If you go to some good location or place to visit with friends or family then you may get a change in your life as well as fresh air and time to relax out of everyday routine.

  • Board Games: Such as snooker and carom can be played with family and friends, it is a good entertaining activity and also time pass too.

Importance Of Wheel Chair Exercises

While sitting in a wheelchair for long time period can cause annoying agitation and be quite not comfortable for those disabled persons. It is significant to keep the body moving and do exercise in your wheelchair as a daily part of your fitness program, despite of your disability.

Wheelchair exercise will aid increase your flexibility, strength, improve mobility, strengthen the lungs and heart, and help control your weight.

There are two main types of exercises of wheelchair that will be significant to know for your workout i.e.

  1. Strength training
  2. Resistance training.

The profits of both training include the capability to perform routine activities, like pushing the wheelchairs, moving items and transferring.

Keep in mind to always keep a positive attitude. Use discipline to put on a regular exercise and fitness program you have created for yourself and continue to perform it. A better fitness and wheelchair exercise program, despite of the disability, can importantly recover your health.

Biceps Exercise For Disabled


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      health store 

      8 years ago

      very nice hub, it appeals to a market that very people targets. If it is hard to maintain fit body for us how much d you think it is difficult for people with disabilities


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