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Introduction to the Elimination Weight Loss Diet - How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Updated on October 30, 2012
The Elimination Weight Loss Diet
The Elimination Weight Loss Diet

The Elimination Weight Loss Diet


Introduction to the Elimination Weight Loss Diet


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1938, weighing slightly more than 12 pounds. I weighed 110 pounds in the first grade and 180 pounds in the fourth grade. As a junior in high school, I weighed 263 pounds and I hit 325 pounds after my freshman year in college.


I started my first diet when I was eight years old. My mother took me to the family doctor who put me on a 1000 calorie diet. I bought a calorie book and religiously started counting every calorie that I ate. Within two days I had lost six pounds, but over the next five days I gained four of them back in spite of the fact that I continued to follow the same diet. I was extremely discouraged and always hungry. My diet consisted of boiled eggs, cottage cheese and a little lean meat at suppertime.


Needless to say, I eventually gave up and gained back any weight that I had lost and then some. Over the next 30 years I tried to lose weight many times with many different diets and I always had the same results. Eventually, I gave up dieting completely and I finally peaked at 345 pounds.


Then in 1979 something happened that changed my life forever. I was having trouble seeing so I visited an opthamologist. He examined my eyes and told me that I had cataracts in both of them. Then he asked me if I was diabetic and I said that I didn’t know, so he recommended that I see a doctor. The doctor quickly confirmed that I was diabetic and that I also had high blood pressure.


I quickly realized that I had to lose weight and keep it off, but how? The answer came about almost by accident. Prior to my visit to the eye doctor, I had experienced a period of unexplained weight loss. Encouraged by this I decided to cut back on what I ate. Instead of continuing to lose weight, I suddenly stopped. I realized later that it is common for people, whose blood sugar is out of control, to experience unexplained weight loss along with increased urination and thirst.


I decided that I would cut back even further eliminating all snacks and switching from regular soda to diet soda. Immediately, the weight loss resumed. After a few months the weight loss slowed so I made further reductions in calorie intake. Over a 2-3 year period and several more reductions in caloric intake, I managed to lose 125 pounds, which I have kept off for more than 25 years. This became the basis of my "Elimination Diet", although I did not realize it at the time.


Several years ago, when I retired at age 65, my eating habits gradually changed. Instead of two small meals in the morning and at lunch, and a moderate meal in the evening, I began eating a large, late breakfast and a large supper. Eventually my weight climbed back up to 246 pounds and I realized that I had to do something about it. I thought back over what I had previously learned and I decided to use the same process to get back down to 220 pounds.


This time, I wrote down exactly what I was doing and the "Elimination Weight Loss Diet" was born. I feel confident that anyone who has had a serious weight problem and has not been able to lose weight and keep it off through dieting, can use this method. This diet is not intended for someone who wants to take off a few pounds quickly. It is not quick and it requires a long-term commitment. But, if you have tried everything else and have failed, I feel certain that that you can succeed using what it has taken me over 60 years to learn.


The Elimination Weight Loss Diet - Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Why Do Most Diets Fail?

Chapter 2 – What Is Different About the "Elimination Weight Loss Diet"?

Chapter 3 – Why Does the "Elimination Weight Loss Diet" Work?

Chapter 4 How Do I Get Started?

Chapter 5 – How Do I Select Which Foods to Eliminate?

Chapter 6 – Why Weigh Myself Only Once a Week?

Chapter 7 – Why Should I Chart My Weight?

Chapter 8 – What If I Don’t Lose Weight Right Away?

Chapter 9 – Why Reassess My Progress After Six Weeks?

Chapter 10What About Exercise?

Chapter 11 – What About Fast Foods and Eating Out?

Chapter 12 – What If I Am Diabetic or on a Low Cholesterol Diet?

Chapter 13 – Why Do I Feel Hungry Before Meals?

Chapter 14Why Is It Harder for Women to Lose Weight Than For Men?

Chapter 15 – How Do I Determine My "Ideal" Weight?

Chapter 16 – What happens After I Reach My " Ideal" Weight?

Chapter 17 – Will I Always Have to Struggle to Maintain My "Ideal" Weight?

Chapter 18 – How Does Stress Affect weight Loss?

Chapter 19 – What Other Things Should I Know About?

Chapter 20Top Ten Things to Remember

Appendix I – A Real Life Example

Appendix II – What Happened When I Quit Smoking



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    • rjsadowski profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. A one or two week pause in your weight loss may simply be your body readjusting its water balance. If it continues as long as three weeks you should seriously consicer eliminating an additional 300 calories per day. You should also examine your level of physical activity. Read Chapter 14. Why it is more difficult for women to lose weight than it is for men.

    • amy1oowho profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta

      This sounds really interesting. I too have reduced calories and noticed that I stop losing weight after a little time and I don't know where to go from there without killing myself. Can't wait to read more.


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