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The Elimination Weight Loss Diet - Why Does It Work? (Chapter 3)

Updated on October 30, 2012
The Elimination Weight Loss Diet
The Elimination Weight Loss Diet


Chapter 3 – Why Does "The Elimination Weight Loss Diet" Work?


To understand why "The Elimination Weight loss Diet" works, you need to review some basic facts. First of all, you need to know that one pound of fat roughly equals 3500 calories and that 500 calories a day is equivalent to 3500 calories a week. Therefore, if you eliminate 500 calories a day from what you normally eat, you will lose one pound a week.


The number of calories that your body needs is primarily dependent upon your body weight and how many calories you need to maintain each pound of your body weight. It is easy enough to determine your weight with a scale, but not so easy to determine how many calories per pound you need to maintain your weight.


Fortunately, you don’t need to know that to use this diet. All you have to do is eliminate 500 calories per day from what you normally eat when your eating habits are relatively stable.


To determine if your eating habits are relatively stable you should weigh yourself once a week at the same time and under the same conditions and record the readings on a chart. I will cover this in more detail in a later chapter. It is easy enough to see if your weight is stable by charting it each week. If your weight is not stable, this problem must be addressed first.


Ignoring the holidays and vacations, most people have fairly stable eating habits. You may eat three times a day, twice a day or even only once a day as long as you are fairly consistent about it. Throughout most of my life, I normally ate a large breakfast, a light lunch and a fairly large supper.


My breakfast normally consisted of bacon and eggs, toast and coffee. I would bring my lunch to work and have a sandwich and a piece of fruit. Supper varied considerably but usually involved about the same number of calories. My biggest problem was snacking, particularly at night watching television. You need to briefly assess your own eating pattern.


The next step is to permanently remove 500 calories a day from what you normally eat. Initially, I simply replaced one can of regular soda a day (150 calories) with diet soda and cut back on snacking in the evening. Months later, when my weight loss started to slow down, I selected another 500 calories, and so on until I eventually reached my "target weight".


You can make your own selection of what calories to eliminate from your own eating pattern. The beauty of this diet is that when you reach your ideal weight you will have permanently modified your eating habits and you won’t have to change anything to keep the lost weight off permanently.


Another major advantage of following this diet is that you can pretty much continue to eat the things that you like only less and you don’t have to buy special ingredients or pre-packaged meals. Best of all, you don’t even have to attend the meetings although you are welcome to use whatever crutches help you to stick to your diet.


In future chapters I will provide more details on how to get started, which foods to eliminate and how to monitor your progress. I will even address special problems like what to do if you need to stop smoking, should you exercise, and why do women have a harder time losing weight than men do.


In summary, let me repeat that"The Elimination Weight Loss Diet" works because there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat and eliminating 500 calories each day will result in eliminating 3500 calories a week which will cause you to lose one pound each week.


Chapter 4 - How Do I Get Started?

To return to the index of chapters, go to:

Introduction to the Elimination Weight Loss Diet - How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off



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