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Is Alkaline Water Or Ionized Water (Kangen Water) Effective

Updated on January 11, 2017
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I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.

Alkaline Water Dispenser


A Very Controversial Liquid In The Form Of Water

This is a very controversial subject. Even the terms used are many. Some of the names are “ionized cellular functional water”, “ionized restructured water”, “electrolyzed water”, “ionized alkaline water” or most commonly called “alkaline water”. Another popular commercial name is “Kangen Water” which is derived from the term used by the leading Japanese pioneer company that sells the water ionizing appliances. So, is this alkaline water a “highly therapeutic solution” contributing to one’s health and well-being, or is it one of those “snake oils” by the road sides? This article is not just to present both sides of the divide and then say “thanks for reading”. This article is about the personal testimonies of using alkaline water from those close to me.

Many years ago I made an ignorant comment that “water is water”. This was when a friend showed me a bottle of “special” water and told me it was alkaline water processed by a special machine he just bought. Last year the subject of alkaline water resurfaced when someone recommended it. I did some research in the internet and was put off by the controversies I read. That was history.

Now I know all waters are not the same. We have for examples, spring water, distilled water, purified water, mineral water and simply bottled water. There are so many types of water, and even the same type of water may have different combinations of properties amongst them.

What Is Ionized Water

Let us start from the basic and find out what ionized water is all about in one simple sentence. Through the process of electrolysis, water is separated into two components, one alkaline and the other acidic.

A water ionizer appliance is a gadget that directs the water through several electrode plates and separates the water into two streams, one alkaline and the other acidic. The selected water type, usually the alkaline water, flows out the main collecting hose, while the other acidic water is drained out through the discharge tube. The water ionizer can direct acidic water through the main collecting hose if acidic water is chosen as preference by pressing the appropriate button. The proportion of the two separate streams is about 70% : 30% in favor of the type of water selected.

The measurement used to denote the levels of alkalinity or acidity of water is called the pH value, where pH means “power of hydrogen”. A pH more than 7 is considered alkaline, and less than 7 is acidic. Pure water is around pH7. The higher the pH, the more alkaline is the water. And the lower the pH, the more acidic will be the water.

I hope I have explained ionized water in the simplest way.

My Newly Installed Alkaline Water Ionizer


Close-Up Of My Alkaline Water Ionizer


My Sister's Alkaline Water Ionizer


Benefits Of Ionized Alkaline Water

The purpose of the water ionizer appliance is to produce alkaline water. Alkaline water is supposed to have these four main health promoting properties:

1. High alkaline pH value. The recommended ionized water for drinking is with pH value of 9.0 or 9.5. This is alkaline water, and is supposed to neutralize the body acidity to maintain a healthy body. When the body is too acidic, it is prone to sickness. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic body environment.

2. High antioxidant level. Alkaline water has a very high negative ORP value. ORP stands for oxygen reduction potential. Very high negative ORP value, in simple language, means the ability to neutralize health-threatening free radicals. Although sufficient free radicals are essential for our body function, excessive quantity of free radicals will cause harm to our body. One of the defense mechanisms to minimize damage by these excessive free radicals is the presence of antioxidants. High negative ORP value indicates high antioxidant level. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation reactions increase free radicals and when this oxidation is not controlled, these free radicals can start a chain reaction in a cell damaging it or even kill the cell. When this chain reaction spreads unchecked, free radicals multiply rapidly, and more healthy cells will be damaged and even be killed, leading to serious health problems, even cancer.

3. Smaller micro water clusters. Ionized alkaline water has smaller water clusters. Water is not just liquid floating around. Water consists of clusters of molecules. Normal water has clusters of around 15 molecules. Ionized alkaline water has smaller clusters of around 7 or less. Smaller water clusters mean better penetration and absorption of the water into our body cells, and also regulates more efficient disposal of toxins and wastes from the body.

4. Free from contaminants and rich in minerals. The water ionization appliance ensures water from the tap is thoroughly filtered before passing through the electrode plates. This filtering process ensures absolutely clean water, free from chlorine, harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Ionized alkaline water also has higher contents of ionic minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

The Controversies Of Ionized Alkaline Water

I will not go into details of the controversies of ionized alkaline water. Even amongst medical professionals, there are the proponents and the opponents. The proponents swear by the wonderful efficacies of the water, while the opponents condemn the water as just another “snake oil”. Some even expounded “scientific and medical” explanations that there was no way alkaline water could do any good for the drinker; in fact might even harm the person. On the other hand, many positive personal testimonies came from those who have taken the ionized alkaline water, which have actually helped reduce or even cured their health problems.

Who would you believe? I will believe the positive personal testimonies of those who have taken the ionized alkaline water, provided I know for sure that they are telling the truth. Here I have two personal testimonies from people very close to me. One is my elder sister. The other is my wife.

My elder sister is nearing 70. Occasionally, she had to use a walking stick, depending on her health mood. But she definitely could not get up without any help once she knelt or squat down. After drinking the ionized alkaline water for a few days, she could get up from the squatting position. Since then she did not require the walking stick as well. She spread the good news to us, and my wife was game to try the ionized alkaline water. You see, my wife has been suffering from chronic body aches. The doctors attributed the cause to aging, which conveniently means no cure for her aching problem. One particular very painful problem was her “trigger finger” problem. “Trigger finger” is defined as “a common disorder characterized by catching, snapping or locking of the involved finger flexor tendon, associated with dysfunction and pain”. Whatever that is, the consequent was that it was a very painful event when it happened, accompanied by a sudden loud painful squeak. I was surprised, and so was my wife that since the day after drinking the ionized alkaline water, the trigger finger did not recur! Now her affected right thumb can relaxingly bend with ease and without pain.

Benefits Of Ionized Alkaline Water

Below is a list of benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water :

  • Alleviates joint pain
  • Prevents arthritis
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Reduces obesity
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increases energy
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Reduces constipation
  • Slows down aging

In other words, the benefits are many. If drinking the ionized alkaline water can maintain a healthy body, then I suppose that many of the above ailments can be avoided. Then there is this claim, as usual, that drinking the ionized alkaline water can even cure cancer!

An Update (November 10 2013) Making Vegetables Cleaner and Fresher

It has been over a month of using my alkaline water ionizer. Another benefit I got from this appliance is ensuring my vegetables being cleaner and fresher. I soak my vegetables in alkaline water at pH 11. The result is that I am certain the vegetables are being thoroughly cleansed, and the final result is that they become fresher and crispier! Take a look at the 3 photos below.

Broccoli Immersed In pH11 Alkaline Water


Beans and Potatoes Immersed In pH11 Alkaline Water


Th Final Result : Cleaner, Fresher And Crispier Vegetables


My Personal Opinion On This Ionized Alkaline Water

Of course, my personal opinion on this ionized alkaline water is that this water has helped my sister and my wife to overcome certain health and physical problems. Regardless that others, especially the so-called medical experts, may condemn this ionized alkaline water based on their “scientific” dissertations, I couldn’t care less. The only important consideration is that my elder sister and my wife have benefited from drinking this ionized alkaline water. I am for drinking this ionized alkaline water. Period.

I have posted two write-ups by two "experts" in my personal blog. One insisted that taking alkaline water has no beneficial effect, while the other explained how it is effective. Please click to read from this link : "Alkaline Water Controversy".

Be that as it may, you will agree with me that water is the vital source of life. We are more than 70% water. Without adequate water, we will all die. So we must know how to stay healthy with water.

You may like to respond to the opinion poll after the youtube videos below.

Understanding Electrolyzed Alkaline Ionized Water

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

Give Your Opinion In This poll

Do You Believe In The Efficacy Of This Ionized Alkaline Water?

See results


This article is from my personal experience. The information is collated from sources from the internet and the water ionizer appliance producers. I am not selling the appliances, nor have any interest in the marketing of these appliances. If you have any doubt or reservation about the efficacy of this ionized alkaline water, please do not purchase the appliance as it is a very expensive medical-grade equipment. In the event that you have decided to make a purchase, please ensure that you get it from a reputable manufacturer. You should buy one with at least 7 electrode plates made of platinum and titanium.

The purpose of this article is merely to inform visitors that there are alternative cures for all ailments. You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians as a matter of due diligence.

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