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Is Fasting Healthy?

Updated on August 14, 2013

Fasting For Diet- And Health

Many years ago, I was reading my Bible and came upon the subject of fasting- learned how they did it back in those biblical days and wondered-- since it was in the Bible and God didn't say at any point we shouldn't, why wouldn't it work today? I had a prayer I needed answering, so I began fasting along with my daily prayers, drinking mostly coffee, but only drinking beverages and taking in no solid food.

Three weeks later my prayer was answered in a most wonderful way and much to my delight, I had lost 20 pounds as well. Since I needed to lose some weight, I asked God if it would be ok to fast for weight control and while I pondered this-- I certainly didn't want to displease Him--, life went on as usual.

A few days later I was headed for the sports section of a favorite store and noticed a book in the middle of the isle. There were books on both sides of the isle, so I thought I'd pick the book up and place it back on a table. As I bent down to pick it up, I got a shock! The title stared up at me-- and it was about fasting as a diet. God had answered my prayer with a big YES! I didn't find the item I was looking for in the Sports Dept., but I did purchase the book.

I got a lot of great and useful information from the book and went on to purchase other books on the subject of fasting for better health. I learned that many people want to fast safely under medical supervision and there are many clinics and facilities across our nation to provide excellent and pleasant services for this very worthwhile life-changing event. I also realize some cannot afford the time and/or money to go to a fasting retreat. However most of us can go several days on just good fresh water, but it is always wise to get enough information to know what to look for, just in case you have a problem and need to stop your fast early. I recommend talking with a Naturopath, since most if not all of them recommend fasting to many of their patients. I've found that a fast of 7-10 days is very beneficial and ideally I like to do it 3-4 timers a year.

I now fast from time to time just for the health of it and in between, I exercise, eat as healthy as possible and share the things I learn with others. I've been successful in my quest for great health and doctors are telling me that inside I'm 25 years younger than my actual age. I'm not selling a book- there are too many of those already, but I did start a Health Blog and am giving my discoveries to those who want to know, for free. To our good health!

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