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In Singapore Is Lasik Surgery for You?

Updated on November 12, 2012

Eye Care

In Singapore, where high-rise flats are prominent in the landscape and majority of its citizens living in apartments that are positioned close to one another, those with short-sightedness or astigmatism will know that looking at things that are positioned too close to their eyesight or line of sight will only worsen their eyesight.

Earlier this year, a three year study has shown that astigmatism is indeed on the rise in Singapore and short-sightedness is becoming prevalent amongst young kids. It was shown that 450,000 Singaporeans suffer from astigmatism. This frightening figure is has increased almost two-fold since 2006. While there has been no known definite cause for astigmatism, it has been said that one’s diet, posture while reading and distance while staring at a screen are some possibilities of the causes.

Beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes

With more and more people contracting eyesight problems, some of them have already found a solution to it, Lasik surgery. Once labeled a mere cosmetic surgery, plenty have found that Lasik surgery is a better alternative than wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses. The process of Lasik sounds vaguely simple but frightening, nonetheless. A flap of corneal tissue is created over the eye. Once created, a very precise laser is used to remodel the cornea stroma. This will allow the flap to then be placed over the remodeled area of the eye. Once that is done, the surgeon will then carefully position the flap over the area and the area is then checked for air bubbles and debris that might cause irritation and infection to the eye.

Indeed, because of the simplicity of the surgery that allows the patient to have near perfect or perfect eyesight, people are starting to clamor for the surgery and hence, more eye clinics are now offering Lasik surgery, at competitive prices. So, if you are looking to have a Lasik surgery, where is the best place to have one? Let’s take a look at the options available here in the city state.

Having been doing laser correction surgery on its patients since 1992, the Singapore National Eye Center or SNEC is indeed one of the best places to go for Lasik. With its highly experienced staff and high success rate of its surgeries, the SNEC also offers one of the best prices in Singapore for its Lasik surgery. Due to the increasing number of patients undergoing Lasik, SNEC has opened Singlasik, a branch of SNEC that offers Lasik surgery. Singlasik also offers public forums, talks and question and answer sessions for anybody with qualms about Lasik. With its care for patients, SNEC and Singlasik is definitely one of the pioneer options to consider for Lasik surgery.

Total EyeCare Center, located at Orchard Road, offers a posh and quality service for its Lasik patients. Priced reasonably, Total EyeCare provides a complete non-stop service for its patients. Having established in 2004, TotalEyeCare is set to be one of the major competitors offering Lasik surgery In Singapore.

The Lasik Center at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, is the second largest eye center unit in the whole of Singapore. Located in the convenience of a hospital, The Lasik Center had over 120,000 patients walking through its doors in 2007, making them highly experienced in ophthalmology matters. With The Lasik Center also offering evening treatments, those with a busy schedule in the day can now drop by after work for a checkup or an evaluation.

Last but not least, those who prefer their Lasik surgery to be done in a more private setting, The Shinagawa Lasik Center offers exceptional patient care and modern technology at affordable rates. Incorporated in Singapore since 2004, Shinagawa has been a Lasik surgery powerhouse in Japan with over three clinics located in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya amongst others before opening their doors in Singapore. Having been massively successful in Japan, Shinagawa now hopes to tap into the Singapore market.

So, Singaporeans and others flying in from other countries looking to have a successful Lasik surgery will be spoilt for choice. Patients will have an array of options to pick from. From service quality to affordable rates to the different technologies offered, there are definitely plenty of clinics offering Lasik surgery to choose from. It is decidedly important to look through all the available options and go for the one that most suit your needs. Until then, I offer you a speedy recovery after your surgery!


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