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It Works Body Wrap Product Review

Updated on February 22, 2015

It Works Body Wraps

It Works Body Wraps

It Works Body Wraps

Wouldn’t it be great if blasting stubborn belly fat and smoothing unsightly cellulite were as simple as applying an It Works body wrap to the target area? The wraps are unfolded, spread ingredient-side down over your problem area (mine was my belly), covered with Saran Wrap to keep the wrap in place, and then 45 minutes later the wrap is removed and sexiness is restored. That's what is supposed to happen, anyway. It sounds too good to be true and it is.

Melt My Belly Fat Away

I was hooked on the thought of getting a sleeker stomach without spending hours exercising. I first heard about It Works products at a craft show and was fascinated by the dramatic before and after photos It Works had. How could such amazing results be possible in only 45 minutes? And why did all the After photos show a much tanner stomach? My own belly was ghostly pale and more rounded than ever so I was excited to imagine a sleeker, tan belly in my future.

How Much Does It Cost For a Wrap?

All of the girls (and women) whom the It Works distributor wrapped lost several inches a piece. Most women wanted their stomachs wrapped and one of the manicurist’s got her chin wrapped (the rep cut a regular wrap in half and applied it to her chin). The results were good, especially the chin wrap. I eagerly forked over the cash (wraps sell for $25 each) despite my inner frugal chick’s complaints that the price was too high. I talked the It Works lady into doing my wrap for $10 because I was also planning to purchase a tub of the Greens. (Read my review by clicking on the link below.)

To Wrap or Not to Wrap

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Unleashing My Inner Goddess

My Belly Felt Warm

While the wrap was in place, my belly felt warm and I noticed a tingly sensation. I imagined the warmth to be from my shrinking fat cells and the miraculous stomach sculpting powers of the wrap. Other people said their bellies felt cold the whole time they wore the wraps. Individual reactions vary, as do results.

Big Swollen Belly

When I took the wrap off, the rep measured me again. I was completely horrified because my After measurements were bigger than before. I had somehow gained inches while using the wrap. The It Works distributor cheerfully explained that I had the condition called Toxic Bloat. That meant my body was full of toxins because of my diet and lifestyle. I had downed a movie theater size box of Junior Mints in the car as I raced off to the craft show super early that morning but I had told myself that lifestyle was perfectly acceptable. Starving artists were supposed to eat candy for breakfast. I’m a jewelry designer and do craft shows to supplement my income. Surely I was allowed a bit of slack in the area of Diet, right?

?( I did drink the full bottle of water as recommended while I had the wrap in place. )

An It Works Wrap Review

My Poofy Stomach

Disappointed by my results, and a bit embarrassed about my poofy stomach in general, I immediately ordered the It Works Greens and begged the girl to rush my order so I could start detoxing my body as fast as possible.

I really wanted the It Works Body Wraps to be a magic tool that would transform my body back to the sexy goddess I had been in high school. I also wanted the transformation to happen without having to work out or drastically changing my diet.

Wrapping with the Enemy

I did see some results after several weeks of using the wraps. Yes, I became a Loyal Customer and signed up for 3 months of autoshipments to “save” money. I was taking the Greens daily, using the Fat Fighters and applying the Defining Gel faithfully each night. And did I mention I became a distributor for It Works? Oh, yes, I was really hoping for big miracles and couldn’t wait to get rich by selling all my friends and family these products. My selling days were shortlived because I was spending over $200 a month on my products. I also was annoying my boyfriend and family to no end. I was constantly getting texts from my “upline” (a bunch of stuck-up ladies who were very little help to me and completely fake) encouraging me to book wrap parties and drag any recruits to upcoming meetings.

A Word of Warning about It Works

Before you get seduced by the marketing hype of It Works, I encourage you to read some reviews and proceed with caution. All of the “scientific” evidence It Works has to support its claims are from doctors paid heavily by It Works. That data is useless and is intended for sales purposes. Impartial information is lacking. Have you had an experience like mine? Please let me know. I would love to hear about your experiences with It Works.

It Works Greens

It Works Greens
It Works Greens


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