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It's All Relative To Me

Updated on October 13, 2009


It's all relative.


It's all relative
but then again there is
not very much relativity
in my life at this stage
so many years
so many gone
thoughts of reluctant
childhood hugs denied
kisses spurned for playtime
and the soft loving tones
their voices carried
even when disappointed
by a hug less, kiss less goodbye

Grandma MoMo in her white flowered dress
in the big bronze coffin looking so very small
I scribbled a note and
left it in her hand

my most precious
Mom in the cardboard box
rolling into the crematorium
my lips still chilled from
my last kiss goodbye
and the box containing her
stayed warm for hours

grand pap minus a Raleigh smoke
but still wearing his glasses
laid out to bid adieu

Grandma Margaret crying
"I don't want to die."
a week before she bled out of my life

Grand pap Ralph singing
"He's got the whole world in his hands"
whenever he held me

and Grandma Irline
peeking out the window
whenever I left her
blowing kisses and smiling
from one hearing aid
to the other

Aunt Mary who looked me
right in the eyes
in the midst of her comatose state
with such understanding,
a loving stroke bent smile
and a single tear
just a day before she passed

Uncle bob's gravelly voice saying
" I love you boy, drive careful."
the year cancer took his throat and bladder
and then him..
what is the price of one more hug
one more kiss
one more hour of just
one of those voices
or all of them in a reunion of souls

unreachable and sad
beyond all my riches and
denied in my mortal state

I still long for what I once
took for granted as a boy
I kiss my boy every day often
and make a point to say " I love you!"
and hug him tight
whenever the urge strikes

one never knows
when he might face
the loss of my own
and wish he had some
kiss denied back
or some hug shrugged away
or the "I love you too." never uttered
cause there were friends nearby

go and hug something relative
right now, share a kiss
and bathe in their voice

time is wicked and it
steals so many opportunities
without an alarm
soon hands on a clock will
replace hands holding you
wrinkled old hands hugging you
and the only talk you will hear
will tick you off
cause it signals the passing
of so much love.


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