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See How Easily You Can Overcome Fear With These 7 Helpful Tips

Updated on September 16, 2019

Approximately 10% of people in the U.S. experience fear (phobias) according to the National Institute of Mental Health. All these people can definitely overcome fear, not by magic but by just their sheer will.

Fear can be a good and bad thing at the same time. If you see a dangerous animal, you’re scared so you run away. That’s fear helping you.

You wish to travel around the world or to a different continent. But you can feel your whole body overwhelmed with fear. That’s fear stabbing you in the back.

There are many different forms of fear but what they all have in common is that they have a firm grip on you. It might be that you’ve accepted your fate and allowed fear to rule you.

What if there is a way on how to overcome your fear? Don’t worry I won’t tell you to chant some affirmations every day or recommend some pharmaceutical pills to take.

So let’s get fear bursting and find out how this can be done one by one.

1. By Facing your deadly fear.

You probably don’t want to hear this but this has to be the fastest way to taking care of your fear. What you need to do is expose yourself to it.

You’re fearful of talking in front of your colleagues, co-workers or fellow students. Then do it, volunteer yourself to do a project presentation.

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to overcome a fear is to be continually exposed to it. Through constant exposure, the brain’s tolerance for the fear increases dramatically according to National Geographic.

It will take courage to do this and when you finally do it, you’ll be one happy fearless person. It is the best full proof way to overcome fear.

Remember that your fear is the problem not you. When you face it and do what has been making you worried, the results will astonish you.

You’ll be surprised that it isn’t as bad as you imagined. Nothing bad happened to you and you actually did it.

2. Admitting that you’re vulnerable to fear.

Speaking your truth is so important in a time where sharing your true feelings or emotions is regarded as a weakness especially for men.

You’re a living breathing human being who has fears, you aren’t a rock but you’re flesh and bones. You think that everyone else is living a life absence of fear and that you’re strange or weird for being fearful.

Do remember when you were a kid and you admitted to your family that you’re afraid of something. They didn’t laugh out loud at you by calling you a wimp, they encouraged or supported you.

You were afraid of going to a new school or new neighbourhood. Eventually you were glad that happened because you had a great time in that new school or neighbourhood. But what is more important is that you did what you were afraid of and survived.

You can admit to yourself, family, friends or anyone else who you trust or are close to. Be true to self and your fear will not control you.

3. Seeking the best help.

You can’t do this alone, you might but it will take a longer time. As you seek to improve and conquer your fear, you’ll have days where you feel inadequate.

These kinds of days make you feel that your world is ending but what you seem to forget is that you have grown or improved no matter how small.

When this happens it’s important to have someone who understands your circumstance and is willing to help you out when possible.

Read a book, literature or join a local focus group that talks about fear bursting. By just having the courage to seek help and acknowledge that your fear is a problem that needs a solution is brave enough.

A majority of people wouldn’t face such a problem head on and say that getting help is the best option.

According to Forbes, when you don't ask for help when you need it, you assume all of a burden that might easily (and gladly) be shared.

But you also deprive those who’d love to assist you of the opportunity to do so. Our fear is what gets in the way of not asking for help.

Sometime you need assitance or help to overcome fear which is totally fine. Seeking help does not mean you are lesser of a person or your value is diminished in any way

4. Fear is all about your poor belief and mindset.

How do you see fear? Is fear to you this big bad wolf that can’t be tamed or is fear to you a friend that you can’t get rid of but you can learn to live with?

Your definition of fear is crucial to how much weight or value you give it. Are you a prisoner to fear or a prison guard to fear?

You need to know where you’re and how to overcome your fear. But you can’t be facing your fear or seeking help if your mindset is not in line with what you seek.

You can’t face that crowd waiting to hear from you if you believe that you’re a worthless person who can’t do this.

Overcome fear by first changing your mind and belief system. The right belief and mindset will be excellent at conquering your fear.

5. Your Armageddon fear cannot be cured overnight.

There is no quick fix to dealing with your fear, it takes time and effort. There is a reason why many people just allow their fear to dictate their lives.

They cannot take the needed and required journey or process to end their fear.

Taking some drugs might give you the quick fix but what will happen tomorrow? Will you still be fearless or still be afraid?

There is a process involved here, it’s not in vain but to help you learn and understand your fear. The drugs might give you a quick burst of courage but with no drugs involved that courage is real and invigorating.

The University of British Columbia psychologist Stanley Ranchman, a leading expert on fear, has studied people in the world’s most dangerous professions, from bomb def-users to paratrooper.

He has concluded that courage is misunderstood when it’s defined as complete fearlessness. Ranchman makes the case courage is not the absence of fear, but the decision to go forward in spite of it.

Brave people aren’t merely numb to danger or discomfort; they feel and acknowledge fear, and just refuse to allow it to dominate their behaviour according to The Atlantic Monthly.

The unfortunate thing is that we live in a world where things are instant and fast, fast food, fast internet and fast cars.

But you can’t conquer and overcome fear fast, you won’t walk into a pharmaceutical store and come out fear free or liberated. It might happen in the movies but not in real life.

6. Fear and amazing success are intertwined.

Anything that you have achieved didn’t just happen by you avoiding fear. That job or business you have wasn’t created by you hiding in your home from your darkest fears.

There was a fear of failure and a fear of rejection but you didn’t allow it to control and dictate you. It was scary but it was worth it.

A study published in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy found that a full 85% of what subjects worried about or feared never happened.

75% of people said that they were able to handle a situation better than predicted or that they learned a worthwhile lesson from facing the situation.

So a large percentage of what people fear, or worry about is exaggeration and misperception-not a good measure of risk at all.

From all the success stories of famous people like musicians or actors, fear was their constant companion. But taking that fear and realising that what you are afraid of might just be your ticket to success.

7. Understand your deceiving fear.

When you think of fear what you most likely think about is this bad feeling that you can’t handle. But is fear really all that, can fear be amazing at helping you realise that you aren’t pushing yourself.

You feel a great fear when about to do something uncomfortable, so you’re running away from your discomfort.

This uncomfortable situation can be a social interaction; you might meet new and awesome people if you do it.

Our human instincts of survival make us constantly unsettled and fearful, protecting us against ever completely letting our guard down. But it’s mostly a lie, according to Hanson.

Your brain is automatically telling you something bad is going to happen, which may be true in the future, but not right now according to Business Insider.

So your fear is your way to improve as a person. With understanding your fear/foe you can now overcome fear.


You aren’t going to grow and dominate your fears if you do not face them or take some form of action on them.

What you should realise is that there is no limit to what you can do. Yes the fears exist but what they tell you is that you need to learn how to overcome your fears.

What if you just faced them and see what happens. Are you really going to regret when you conquer your fears? I doubt you will.

You are scared of moving to a new country or place? Move now and death will be the last thing that happens to you.

I really hope that you take some action on your fears. Don’t settle for a short cut by wasting your hard earned cash on drugs that aren’t worth it. Take pride in yourself and eliminate fears.

Have you tried and implemented some of tips? Do you have any other tips to overcome fear that I haven’t mentioned?

By the way you can share this article to your friends and family. Sharing is caring. Do tell in the comment’s section below for more tips and tricks.

Go fear bursting, talk soon.

-Michael Kamenya


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