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Laughter the Best medicine

Updated on July 29, 2012
Laughter is the Best medicine
Laughter is the Best medicine

Laughter the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine - I'm guessing that you've heard this before - Heard it but not really taken in what is being said here: Laughter truly is the best medicine - it is good for you. It actually helps to keep you healthy!

Not convinced? Why you old cynic you. OK let me list some of the benefits of laughter for you.

Well, to start off with, laughter has the ability to produce all-over global health benefits. Some Yoga procedures incorporate laughter as an intrinsic part of the exercise for this very reason.

Laughter is the best medicine because it is a great, safe cardiovascular workout. It increases the oxygen in the blood which enhances the circulation generally.

Want a healthy looking glowing skin? Laugh and watch how your complexion improves. Laughing has even been shown to boost the immune system - Not bad for something so enjoyable!

Is your blood pressure less than optimal? Then why not let laughter help? One of the biggest contribution factors in high blood pressure is anxiety, and one of the best anxiety busters is laughter, and this isn't just pie-in-the-sky, numerous studies have shown that sufferers of high blood pressure tend to be people who laugh less than most.

Keep Laughing
Keep Laughing

Psychological Benefits

You won't be surprised to hear that laughing also produces real psychological benefits. It releases a flood of endorphins in the brain which produce a feeling of well-being and even elation. Laughing a lot produces a boost in a person's sense of happiness - and helps to maintain it. Even when you are feeling somewhat low, a good laugh will elevate your mood - instantly.

Hi Gorgeous!

Laughter is the best medicine because laughing and smiling actually makes you look more attractive - That's why people smile when the have their photographs taken. Do you have a good sense of humour? Studies show that the ability to make others laugh is one of the major factors in people who are considered to be attractive. So laughing not only makes you feel good - It makes you Look good too!

We love to Laugh
We love to Laugh

Laugh and be Healthy

Start Laughing

So with all this going for it, Why wouldn't you want to laugh. It's true - laughter is the best medicine - It keeps you healthy; it keeps you fit. It makes you feel good; It makes you Look good.

What's more, you get all this - For Free!

So go on - Have a laugh! - You know you want to!


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  • profile image

    Destine02 4 years ago

    I remember when me and my friends were sitting and we were next to a bunch of stairs. And me and my friend laughed really hard and fell down the stairs at the same time after that i thought i really got rock hard abs.

  • Gaizy profile image

    Gaizy 6 years ago from Denbigh, North Wales, UK

    @ Trsmd - Yes, you can't beat a good laugh.

  • Trsmd profile image

    Trsmd 6 years ago from India

    Really laughter will reduce your worry and make you have provided nice positive tips here...thanks for SHARING:)

  • Gaizy profile image

    Gaizy 6 years ago from Denbigh, North Wales, UK

    Thanks for your comments. I've only just scrolled down to the bottom of the page and realised that I can comment as well! Doh! - I'm sure that I'll get the hang of this Hub thing - Eventually... ;)

  • Sharyn's Slant profile image

    Sharon Smith 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

    Hello Gaizy,

    Love this subject! I had a boss years ago that was diagnosed with incurable cancer and given 6 months to live. He was in his mid thirties at the time. He did lots of research and came up with "humor is the best medicine." He put together workshops about the importance of humor and traveled around spreading his word month after month, year after year. About two months ago, I found Gary on Facebook. He is doing wonderful and still laughing at all the doctors. He's in his sixties now! Thanks for this great reminder.


  • McGilwriter profile image

    McGilwriter 6 years ago from Florida

    Great hub and I wholly agree!

  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

    Hi and welcome to Hub Pages. Great first Hub and hopefully we will all take on board the fact that laughing does make us healthy. Many thanks for sharing.