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The Real Power of Positive Thinking

Updated on July 29, 2012
Positive thinking and a Positive attitude - Happy happy happy!
Positive thinking and a Positive attitude - Happy happy happy!

What is Positive Thinking?

What is positive thinking? It's a way of thinking, a positive attitude, a way of interacting with the world, a way of applying your own personal mindset that makes the world a better place for you and everyone connected with you to inhabit.

Positive thinking develops a positive attitude and actually changes your world and I'm not talking about you perceiving things in a more positive way (although that does of course happen as well), no, I mean that positive thinking actually physically changes your world for the better.

Let me give you just one small example of how a positive thinking and a positive attitude can change your world: Imagine that there are two men, identical in every way, physically, intellectually, equally good looking - Veritable clones in all but one aspect - One has a positive attitude and one has a negative attitude. They both come across an advertisement for an extraordinary job. The job would certainly stretch their abilities, but it is a dream of a job paying four times their present wage, with tons of time off, a fantastic retirement package and every other benefit you can imagine thrown in.

The first man - the one with the negative attitude thinks "I could never do that job. look at all the things that could go wrong. It's very challenging, I don't think I'm up to it. Besides with a job like that, the world and his mother will be applying. I haven't got a chance in hell" - He doesn't even apply for the position.

The second man - The one with the positive attitude thinks "What a fantastic job. I'm sure that I could do it as well as anybody else could. There will probably be hundreds applying for it, but what the hell - I've got as much chance as anybody else" - He does apply for the position. What's more he gets the job. His life is irrevocably changed for the better simply because his positive thinking and positive attitude encouraged him to try.

Positive thinking and a positive attitude has in effect caused this change in his life and although such huge changes are not the norm, smaller changes are - and they are frequent -. They happen over and over again. The more you live with a positive attitude, the more these little changes happen, and they accumulate. Over time the accumulation of all these small changes combine to produce a huge change in for the better your life.

So in this way, positive thinking doesn't just make you think your life is better - your positive attitude actually, physically creates a better life for you.

The thinker
The thinker

OK. so how do I "Think Positive"

Positive thinking and the development of a positive attitude is little more than mental "weeding". If you have a garden and you just let it grow and leave it to it's own devices, you will find that eventually it will just overgrow with weeds. The "good" plants - the ones that you would like to see there, will have been drowned out - strangled by the massive weed take-over.

Our minds are the same as a garden. Our thoughts are the plants. Positive thoughts are the flowers, the crops, the good stuff that we want to be there. Negative thoughts are the weeds - the stuff we could do without and unfortunately, like weeds, negative thoughts will propagate one from the other until all the positive thoughts have been drowned out and your "mental garden" has become an unpleasant place to be.

Do Some Mental Weeding

The answer of course, just like in the garden is to do some weeding - Just take some time to observe what you are thinking (most people have no idea!) and whenever you come across a negative attitude or thought, mentally tell it to take a hike - literally tell it to get lost. Replace it with some positive thinking - It will of course come back and keep trying - but as long as you maintain a positive attitude and persist in not entertaining it, it's resolve will get weaker and weaker until it eventually gives up - Weed gone!

Like a garden that has been completely taken over by weeds, developing a positive attitude is going to be hard work at first but with persistence, the weeds get less and less and the garden becomes nicer and nicer until eventually it is weed free.

Of course like a real garden, it never stays weed free for long - they will keep popping up here and there. But now the job is much easier it is simply a case of maintenance - pulling them out as soon as they appear will keep your garden pristine.

And habitually rooting out your negative thoughts and attitudes as soon as they appear will allow positive thinking and a positive attitude to blossom.

It's Not That Easy is It?

Well, maintaining a positive attitude is not always a walk in the park, but it's not that difficult either. Ok - negative thinking is easier, just as it is easier to let a garden run to weeds, but once the difficult "sorting out the garden" bit has been done, the maintenance - the keeping up with the positive attitude is not that difficult.

Consistency is the keyword - if you can persist in your positive attitude past the initial "sorting out the garden" phase you will be well on the way to having formed a new mental habit - one of positive thinking and with all the benefits your new positive attitude will bring with it

Positive Thinking is truly life changing and a habit well worth cultivating. Do not think that positive thinking is too difficult, or that you will not be able to keep it up. Start right now with a positive statement "I can do it, I will do it" and persist - you'll find it's well worth the effort.


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  • bac2basics profile image

    Anne 5 years ago from Spain

    Hi gaizy. I like your style. Very clear and concise guidelines, and no pretending changing your attitude is going to be a walk in the park either. Voted up and interesting.

  • Gaizy profile image

    Gaizy 6 years ago from Denbigh, North Wales, UK

    @ Dan Flaxenwick - Glad you liked it. It's very easy to cling to negative thoughts and attitudes. They are cozy and familiar in the short term - But a nightmare in the long term. Persistence in "weeding the garden" is not easy at first, but well worth the effort. Thanks for the presses!

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

    Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

    ´´´Take a hike.´ l love that! l´ m at a stage in my life where l need all the positive thoughts l can cram into my brain and flush the negative ones out. Your expression made me smile. Each negative that arrives from now on will be told to ´také a hike. Excellent hub, thank you. l have pressed google plus 1 as well as up and useful. Cheers.!