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Laughter and Fibromyalgia

Updated on March 20, 2011

Have Fun with Fibromyalgia

For those of you who think Fibromyalgia is a bummer, I am here to tell you - you are right! However - it does have its funny times. You just have to look for them and then teach yourself to recall them in your mind to cheer yourself up when you need a smile.

Okay, you think I am nuts; so do a lot of people. So here is an example of a fun memory:

I sleep in a recliner because sleeping in a bed causes me really bad back pain.

So I try to keep my phone handy by my chair, just in case I need something. I can use the intercom to alert my husband who is in the bedroom. He’s a pretty sound sleeper but he usually hears the phone.

Mind you this is a huge recliner: hard to get into and out of but oh so comfortable and supporting once you get settled. One night after a particularly hard day, I put my covers on the chair and sat down and then scooted back (I’m short) and whoosh! I scooted back too fast and the entire chair upended with me on my back, my legs straight up in the air and not an idea as to how to get up. Of course, the phone was right there in sight, out of reach. My loyal Snuggles was trying to comfort me by laying her head on my chest (I’m so grateful she is not a licker). Once I calmed down I knew I had to get my spouse’s attention, but I did not want to scare him. He’s no young chicken, or rooster! I hate being startled awake.

As I lay there pondering my situation, I futilely tried to turn any way at all to get myself up. I saw my toes and started laughing. I sure laughed a lot.

Finally I decided the head rush was getting to me - so I started making noises. I reached a CD off of the lower shelf, which was currently level with my head and started tapping on the wall - hoping it would awaken him as it was not a normal sound - right? WRONG!

By now my laughing was turning into tears, so I started calling his name, first not terribly loud and then so loud I’d not have been surprised to hear my neighbor knocking. When my yelling was in vain, my only thought was to sing.

Yup! I sang very loudly and very high pitched. Since I am one of the worst singers in the world THIS did wake my husband and he came quickly shuffling to the living room, took one look at me and burst out laughing.

Mind you, at the time I was pretty frustrated and his laughter did not help my mood. But he up-righted my chair, held me, and tucked me in and I was no worse for the wear! And my mood greatly improved as we laughed together.

Today when I picture that episode in my mind, it makes me smile and sometimes even chuckle.

You have to admit that that was a really funny story. Or perhaps you didn't find it very funny. If that is the case you need to lighten up! Don't take everything so seriously. It is bad for your fibromyalgia.

I suspect that you have some of those really silly stories in your portfolio. Just think back over time. If you are new to your diagnosis, take notes when things happen and return to them when you are down.

As a matter of fact, I recommend you always keep a journal. Over the years you will be glad you did. When the family is gone and you are alone, they make better reading than a Novel.

For now I do declare that Fibromyalgia can have its lighter side. And that in itself can be a healing factor. Learning to laugh at yourself and then remembering for the future.

Love and laughter I wish for each and every one of you!


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