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Lead A Stress-free Life

Updated on February 24, 2010

Being busy in the work place does not mean that you should not lead a stress-free life.  You may incorporate a few steps in your daily routine so that you can have fun and lead a stress-proof life.

- The foremost point is that you should never skip your breakfast.  By skipping your breakfast, you are making your blood sugar levels unstable and this affects your work in the morning hours.

- Caffeine that is present in coffee increases stress.  Though it is a stimulant, its bad effects are too many to ignore.  You can slowly shed the habit of drinking coffee and instead shift to green tea.  Green tea is a very good anti-oxidant and will fight the free radicals, that are harmful to your health.  If you are not able to stop taking coffee, you should at least refrain from it after 2 P.M.

- You should develop the habit of drinking plenty of water.  Water removes the toxins from your body, improves your bowel movement and hydrates your body from the interior.  Your digestive system gets a boost by drinking more water.  It has been proved that by drinking lots of water, you can reduce your body weight also.

- Carrying some protein-rich snacks or fruits with you will help you avoid starving so that you do not suffer from fatigue caused by it.

- You should not hesitate to carry your packed lunch with you.  This not only saves money but ensures that you eat healthier food.  It is definitely better than eating out.

- You should stop eating junk foods, processed foods and oily and spicy foods.  These not only do not contain any nutrition but add to your weight and fat.  Processed foods contain chemical preservatives that can not be processed and flushed out of your body.  They coolly reside in the fat tissues of your body, thus increasing your weight.  Instead, you should shift to a healthy fiber diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains and beans. They supply good nutrition to your body and do not also contribute to your weight increase.

- You should do your exercises regularly.  Exercises are very good stress-busters.  Your blood circulation improves and your whole body is supplied with the required nourishment.  It is already proved that exercises improve the functioning of your brain also.

- You can manage your stress by doing yoga, meditation or deep breathing.  They can calm your mind and give the relaxation you require.

The above steps will not only relieve you of your stress but change your behavioral patterns also for the better and you will be equipped with a strong arsenal to face the challenges of life.


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