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Let Others Go Mad In Envy Looking At Your Six Pack Abs

Updated on June 24, 2010

When you announce your decision to lose your belly fat and make efforts to have a six pack abs, you may get a lot of advice from both experts and half-knowledgeable people. While you may get valuable advice from experts, the other clan will give you dangerous pieces of advice.

One such dangerous advice is to crash-diet or starve for reducing your fat. This is not only dangerous but may lead to several other health complications. Your body may not get the essential nutrients it needs. Apart from that, you may not get the results you wish for because your body metabolism will gradually get adjusted to such crash-dieting or starving. Your body mechanism will think that food may not be sufficiently available in future and your body will start storing calories in the form of fats. This will increase your fat.

So, you must never resort to crash-dieting or starving for reducing your abdominal fat. The best suggestion will be to change your eating routine. You must split your large meals into six or seven smaller meals and eat them at intervals of every two hours. By adopting this style of eating, you will be able to burn all the calories of these smaller meals and this will help you in reducing the fat around your belly.

Another great suggestion to reduce your belly fat is to drink lots of water. If you drink a good amount of water, the toxins inside your body are flushed out quite effectively. The place where these toxins remain are the fat cells. When the toxins are removed, these fat cells are weakened and you can easily get rid of the excess fat around your waistline.

Water also fills up your stomach fast and so if you drink two glasses of water before you commence your regular food, you can reduce your intake of food. You can also sip a good amount of water during the course of eating your meal to reduce your food intake.

You must also stop eating junk foods, bad carbohydrates and bad fats. Junk foods will increase the fat on your body. Bad carbohydrates that are present in ice creams, cakes, pastries and food items that are prepared with processed flour and white flour will also increase the fat around your waist. The threat posed by bad fats is known to everybody.

You should shift to a diet regimen that consists mostly of fiber foods. Fiber foods such as wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables do a world of good to your health. They give you a feeling of fullness without increasing the fat on your body. They supply a lot of nutrition to your body. In fact, they are called "fat-burning diets".

A good exercises regimen must be planned to aid you in reducing your stomach fat. If you plan good abs exercises in consultation with an expert, you can certainly have an attractive six pack abs and make others go mad in envy.


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