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Life Is All About Choices We Make

Updated on July 10, 2017

Life is a chain of unlimited choices. When we decide to do a thing without doing another, this means that we are making a choice. So always try your best to make the right choices and do your best to learn from the wrong ones.

Imagine that you spend a couple of days thinking about a problem, and then make a choice. But the choice, whether it is right or wrong, can not affect your life much.

Meanwhile, it takes some minutes to decide an easy choice. But the moment you make that choice can change your whole life forever.

Making a choice is like gambling. You do not always expect what will happen next. Even you are not always the winner.


Why do we have to make a choice every day?

Being born means that we are given a life with countless wonderful things ahead. We live with a lot of people who are good or bad. We have many things to do which we should or shouldn’t do. On the journey called "Life", we set foot on many roads which are short or long, flat or full of stones, straight or winding. Those are the roads which can lead to happiness or sufferings, success or failure.

It is because almost everything in life has two sides: good and bad, suitable and unsuitable. Thus, we have to choose what is right for us, what is not and what should do at certain times.

Life is about choices. Some we regret, some were proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message - we are what we chose to be - Graham Brown.

Why do the choices we make shape our lives?

Is making choices simple?

It is not as simple as we may think. Making a choice has many levels. Depending on circumstances, a choice is easy or difficult to make. For example:

If you are hungry, then the question "Should I eat a pizza?" is an easy question to answer (for sure, the answer is “yes”). Yet, if you are on a diet, this question can cause you to hesitate. At this point, making the choice seems to be a bit harder.

Do not use stimulants and banned drugs is a very easy choice. But switching job (when the current job is good but not true for your passion) is a very difficult choice.

Also, choices are not only "Should" or "Shouldn’t", "Suitable" or "Unsuitable", "Do" or "Don’t". They are even "Should" or "Must".

There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again. And each time, we get to choose. (From the book The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion written by Elle Lunna).

Should is what people expect us to do, which the world wants to see in us, which seems to become the norm. When we do Should things, we may think the society will accept us. But choosing Should is not always good for us. It is not what we should choose at all times.

Must is what I have to do. There’s no other way to refuse.

Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. It’s our instincts, our cravings, and longings, the things and places and ideas we burn for, the intuition that swells up from somewhere deep inside of us. Must is what happens when we stop conforming to other people’s ideals and start connecting to our own. Because when we choose Must, we are no longer looking for inspiration out there. Instead, we are listening to our calling from within, from some luminous, mysterious place. (The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Lunna).

Must is the reason why Howard Roark in the book The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand) created unique and unusual architectural works regardless of the criticism of industry experts and the public. Must is the reason for Roark's existence. Don’t give a F*** about anyone. Don’t ask for any favor. He only knew that he MUST create them.

But like Should, Must is not always good. It also doesn’t bring us a good life for ever and ever.

At 26 age, I have made a lot of choices. Many of them were right. Others were wrong, and most of the time I didn’t predict what would happen next. The current version of me is the product of those choices. If I re-made any choice in the past, then I would be a completely different person from who I am today. I do not know what it is. I only know that it is not the same as what I have already known.

Right after graduating from university, I chose to attend in Master of Finance and Banking program. I made that decision based on my gut feelings. I thought that I could become a college lecturer or landed a better job with a master’s degree. Guess what happened? Now I am a Technical Writer specializing in writing software guides and blog posts. My master's degree hasn’t worked yet.

Until now, what I have done may be wrong but who knows, it will help me to reach something in the future?

There is no guarantee that we have made the right choices. This is the most important thing you need to realize in your life. Making right choices won’t lead you to a happy life all the time. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that they will be with you forever or both of you will never fight. Being famous and successful does not mean that you will never fail. Following the majority does not mean that you will always be right. Following the successful people does not mean that you will gain what they did. Being intelligent doesn’t mean that you will earn the respect of many people. The only thing you can control is your decisions (choose what to do and not to do) and how you respond to what will happen.

Because life has no guarantees, and you never know whether you made the wrong choices or not, so why you don’t take risks? Do not accept your status quo and stay in your comfort zone. What if you still have to face choices in that comfort zone? After all, the comfort zone you choose to live in is also a choice.

Life is only interesting when you dare to face difficulties in life. Make choices, take risks, and embrace new experiences.

By making choices, we will grow up every day.


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