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Life in a Nut-Shell

Updated on July 13, 2011
Lots of wisdom and stories I will never get know
Lots of wisdom and stories I will never get know | Source

Life in a nut-shell

Throughout all of lives ups and downs, in whom do you place your trust?

A question for the ages with no clear cut answer in site, I guess we have to look within for the answers. Yes, if you live long enough all the answers will be answers to you.

Hog wash you say, do you think I’m a complete idiot or what. Don’t kill the messager I just write down what I see. I know to some of the more educated folks it’s just gossip and lies unless you see it with your own eyes, but don’t discount that what you don’t always know to be fact or completely understand through your own life’s experience.

It has been my experience now for years that everything I talk or write about is true to some or a direct lie to others. The misinformed truth that all people learn from their parents are just handed down and not always proven. Know that I’m not telling you not to believe what you know to be true, but to believe in the source that learned you.

Once your source is gone there are always lots of people who will guide you in all of your endeavors’ as long as there’s a buck in it for them. We have only a limited time to learn all the facts that will carry us through life and enjoy the memories of the loved ones that tried to instruct us on how to live.

When our children loose tract of all the mentoring and love we tried to teach em, not to worry most will come back to follow in your footsteps. This may be hard to swallow when you’re in the middle of a custody battle or fighting drug use and even just failure to grasp the golden ring of life that was so important to you. It is not up to mankind to determine what a soul needs, but to offer an education to understand for themselves. These are the working tools in life needed to teach and hand down to others the same lesions that were so important to your teachers and parents.

Who said that life was like a box of chocolates we can pick and choose what we want and leave the rest? As we get older and are looking to those golden years in which we can just relax and go fishing something is wrong! Most of the elderly work force in America are working longer and living past their prime without realizing most of their goals of retirement.

I say this because I believe, I believe that every day that goes by and the younger generation composed of give me, give me, doesn’t support the fact that they too will grow old and need the care of those that sacrificed so much just to receive so little in return. Karma will sneak up behind you cripple you so fast because of those actions of mistreating others. There is a cross to bear and we all must seek forgiveness before it’s too late to change our ways.

This is not the time to give up on our family our friends and especially our country. Show your respect for those who have made the supreme sacrifice this year. I plan to teach everything I know in life to someone who cares to know. We as Americans have a short but powerful heritage that has been bestowed upon us and it’s up to every American to use and refurbish what’s left for the next generation. Along with a propounded education of history and knowledge of what gives you so many rights in this country. Don’t expect anything for nothing just because some old man paid with his life and you didn’t know him. Be grateful for it compounds your chances of keeping liberty and freedom alive and well and the opportunity to have success or failure in life and business, depending on how much you work for it.

Remember next you see an old man or woman setting on a park bench stop and talk, their life may depend on it.


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