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Updated on April 23, 2016

Graduation photos


When I first began my college journey, I never imagined it would lead me to where I'm headed today. In 2010 I started college with no clear direction, but as time went on, I began down the path toward social work. In 2013 I transferred to FAU and began my Bachelors program in social work. As I progressed toward that goal, I knew I was on the right path as I learned more about being a social worker. Life was leading me toward something I had never considered before, and I was content in my decision. Now I am pursuing my graduate degree in social work in order to continue on my path toward independence. I want to help prepare foster youth for life by offering mentoring and life skills classes.

Hardships are part of life

I have learned so much about myself since I graduated a year ago. I have found myself in situations that have taught me life lessons I will NEVER forget, but I have also had good things happen that have kept me going when I felt like giving up. A month and a half prior to my graduation, I lost someone who was everything to me. He kept me going when I wanted to give up. Despite that devastating loss, I knew he wouldn't want me to quit when I was so close. Somehow I pushed through the pain of losing him and made it to graduation. I have had several negative experiences since then, but, despite the heartbreaking experiences, I still continued to push forward. I made a last minute decision to apply to grad school back in February out of frustration due to my difficulty in finding a job. I had some difficulty in getting everything together to submit my application, but in the end I was finally able to get it all submitted. The hardest part of it all was writing my letter of intent; I was afraid that what I had to say was insufficient to get me accepted to grad school. I had one more heartbreaking experience before I received the good news of my acceptance to grad school, but I was determined to get through it all and come out on top. I was presented with an opportunity to get away from Florida and have a break from the reminders of all the devastation I had dealt with over the last year, so I took it. I wasn't really given much of a choice, but I didn't say no. It was a great decision and just what I needed. I have felt more relaxed and my stress has melted away just from the change of scenery alone. Things happen for a reason, even when the reason is not realized right away. I am grateful for the vacation, even if the reason I was asked to come here had nothing to do with my situation. The point is, she knew I needed a break and I had free time to help her. I'm glad it worked out and the timing was perfect. So many things have happened to me, but there has always been something positive to counteract the negative. I cannot explain it except with a picture that was posted on Facebook just the other day (See photo below)

My saving grace


I don't know where my life is going to take me, but I know that no matter what happens someone is watching over me always. My life hasn't been easy, but I continue to push forward despite the hardships brought before me. I have learned that all these hardships I am enduring are making me more prepared for my future in the field of social work. I surprise myself all the time with the advice I give to others. Sometimes I have no clue where my words come from, but they make sense and help others, so i can't really complain. I love where my life is going, and I refuse to let anything stop me from getting where I want to be. I will always have my moments of weakness where I don't think I'll make it, but I always make it through somehow. I hope that my story helps those who read it. Struggles are part of life, but they are only temporary. Life will get better, even when you feel at your lowest. Don't give up. People care about you, even if you don't feel like they do. It's never easy, but it's ALWAYS worth it. Enjoy the journey we call life :)


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