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Find Positive Statements and Actions That Build Feelings of Self-Worth

Updated on June 4, 2018
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An education specialist, Denise teaches the principles of emotional health for the establishment and maintenance of high-quality families.

Messages that build our feelings of positive self-worth are all around us in the world.
Messages that build our feelings of positive self-worth are all around us in the world. | Source

Look for the good

There is much that is good, right, and beautiful in our world. The facts that the sun comes up every day, the seasons change, grass grows, and flowers bloom are all evidences that there is reason to rejoice. When we recognize and express gratitude for these simple things, our mood is lifted, and our feelings of self-worth are strengthened.

Recognizing positive actions from others toward us is also a vital part of our feelings of self-worth. In order to counteract the negative messages that we can and do receive daily, we need to find those that are positive. Each time we see a smile, experience a laugh, or hear our name, we can take that as a positive message that we are worthwhile people and have a purpose in our existence.

There is no time like the present to look around us and find something uplifting and positive, whether it is in nature, or in our immediate environment, doing so will give us a boost of self-confidence and greater feelings of self-worth. In the practical application section of this hub, we find messages that boost feelings of self-worth. We can use the instructions given to find the message in our world, then repeat the message often as an affirmation.

Increasing feelings of self-worth helps us recognize and refute negative messages we encounter. We are able to see how they tear us down, and use the affirmations to counteract their effect on our emotional health.

Do you recognize the positive messages that are around in your environment or sent to you by others?

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Practical Application

Listen for "I am loved"

Listen for a soft word, a gentle touch, a kind deed, a hug, a kiss, a squeeze of the hand, a greeting card, a gift, or any other kind action of another human being toward you. Listen for God's love in nature: a sunrise, a blooming flower, a gentle breeze, or the changing seasons.

Listen for "I belong"

The immediate familyprovides the first sense of belonging while the extended family increases the circle. We are all part of the great human family, and can feel a kinship with those in our neighborhood, church, school, and community. As we find friends with similar interests and desires, we can feel more intimate feelings of belonging.

Listen for "I am worthwhile"

Feeling worthwhile is an abiding feeling that we are of worth because we are human. These feelings first come because of the love of our parents, spouse, or children. As we base our feelings of worth on the unconditional love of God, we find an infinite storehouse of worth.

Listen for "I feel"

The thoughts we allow to dwell in our minds determine the way we feel. Others sense what we are thinking about them by how we feel when we are with them. Thinking good thoughts about others when we are in their presence builds their feelings of self-worth. Most people reciprocate with like feelings about us.

Listen for "I am the gift"

We are a gift to all we meet. We give them joy with uplifting words of praise and encouragement. When we sense the needs of others, and try to meet them by providing inspiration and uplifting words, music, bouquets of flowers, or gifts of service, we lift their spirits. We can be a light that dispels darkness and ugliness for the benefit of all around us when we share love with others.

Listen for "I enjoy"

We enjoy life as we notice the little things that are beautiful and unique such as laughter, the freshness and vitality of children, the simple wisdom of age, and the varying beauties of nature. All things will pass away and become new. It is in recognizing the newness that we find enjoyment in life.

Listen for "I am strong"

Strength comes from having the moral and spiritual courage to stand up for what we know is right. Each time we make a right choice, we increase our strength. Wrong choices lead to weakness and darkness, and take away our energy. When we re-trace our steps that lead down that road, undo the damage, and make better choices, we will re-gain our strength.

Listen for "I build"

As a vital part of our families, communities, society, and the world, everything we do has an effect on those around us. We build people with positive communications. We build relationships with active listening and conversation. We build a society of responsible citizens by teaching our immediate and extended family important life skills. We build a better world each day we make positive choices.

Listen for "I am needed"

"I am needed" messages come from people asking for our services, talents, or presence in activities or projects that they are doing. These types of messages come from family members, work associates, friends, and fellow human beings around us. As we look for opportunities to serve and help others, our feelings of being needed increase, along with our feelings of self-worth.

Listen for "I am able"

We are all born with the ability to learn. We learn from everything we see, hear, touch, and taste. Life is a process of discovery. When we stop discovering new concepts and ideas, or having new experiences, we stop being able. When we keep our perspective tuned in to the eternal nature of life, we keep our ability continual.

Listen for "I am important"

Feelings of importance come from people calling us by name, looking directly into our eyes, or listening when we speak. Messages of importance say, "I am here for you," "What can I do for you?" "Is there anything you need?" or "How can I help you?" They come to us from our family, friends, co-workers, or even casual acquaintances.

As we plant the seeds of affirmations in our mind and heart, we will see them sprout into beautiful thought patterns.
As we plant the seeds of affirmations in our mind and heart, we will see them sprout into beautiful thought patterns. | Source

Using Affirmations to Build Our Feelings of Self-Worth

Each day, our mind is filled with thoughts that come and go. Affirmations are "I" statements that allow us to program our subconscious mind in a way that builds our feelings of self-worth. Each of the statements listed above is an affirmation and can be used in this way.

In order to use affirmations to help us on a daily basis, we need to understand the importance of using all of our senses in the learning process. We learn by what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel. The more senses involved in the learning process, the better we remember and the more embedded the learning is in our subconscious mind.

Ways to increase self-esteem through the use of affirmations:

  1. Make a list of the affirmations
  2. Read the list aloud at the same time each day
  3. Make posters or cards of the affirmations and put them in the living area
  4. Each time a poster or card is encountered, repeat the affirmation aloud
  5. Find nature pictures that illustrate the affirmations, put them in a book
  6. When feeling low, look at the picture book and repeat the affirmations
  7. Use paints or dough to form the affirmations into visible objects
  8. Cross stitch the affirmations and frame them
  9. Use the affirmations to refute negative thought patterns
  10. Teach others the affirmations to reinforce them

The more exposure we have to the affirmations, the more they are ingrained into our thinking patterns. We are able to recall them easily and keep ourselves from slipping into bouts of low feelings of self-worth.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Denise W Anderson


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