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Live Your Life for You

Updated on October 23, 2013
Let go of all of the negativity that surrounds you, and begin to live your life the way you desire the most.
Let go of all of the negativity that surrounds you, and begin to live your life the way you desire the most. | Source

Live Your Life for You

Life is all about living the way you desire to live it. Life is about following your heart, your dreams, your passions, and finding those who have the same interests and help build you into the best version of yourself. You are solely responsible for the path you chose in life and where that path takes you. You are in control of your destination, so make sure to chose wisely and learn the lessons that life presents you. Always dream big, work hard, and play harder. If you live your live the way you wish to live, than you have already accomplished more than most.


Your dreams, your passions and desires are usually recognized at an early age. Embrace your dreams and follow them from when you recognize them until the day you die. You must try your best to follow through with your largest dream. This dream could turn into a well paying career or an incredible hobby that will keep you happy for a lifetime. Having dreams will only make you work harder toward your personal success and happiness. Dreams open doors to better your life. Build dreams for yourself, for your success, but never build dreams based on someone else.


Friendships are very important for you to develop throughout your life. You must form friendships with people who are compatible with your own individual and unique personality. You must form friendships with those who help build you into a beautiful person and with those who help you stand tall on your solid foundation, but always be aware and cautious of those who desire only to try tear you down. Strong friendships are important in life due to the fact they help you succeed, keep you grounded, less stressed, and happy. Friends allow you to let loose and be yourself, and help you grow in all aspects of your life. Make sure to only form friendship that help you grow and aid you in taking the next steps in life that you most desire to reach. If a friendship has ceased from allowing you to grow and become successful in all aspects of your life, it is time to move on and focus on those who grow along side you and have strong morals and goals such as you do. Just as you change, grow and move forward, so will your friends. Build friendships that will help you grow and love the life you live.


Relationships are another important aspect of life, and it is important to form significant and healthy relationships that will change your life for the better. When forming a relationship you must have a desire to reach your dreams and goals and find another person who will support and help you on your journey. You should never form a relationship with a person who deters you from your dreams. In your life you should never be on the back burner, you should always put yourself first when you need to, and if someone is deterring you from accomplishing the dreams that you desire most, then that is not a strong and healthy relationship that will work for you to succeed. The role of significant others is to hold each others hands, help push each other up the ladder of success, aid each other in tearing down obstacles and shoving each other over hurdles, while loving and supporting each other along the way. Relationships should help build you up from the solid foundation that you have created for yourself, never create a relationship with one that just wants to tear you down (you have worked too hard for that to happen).


No one has a choice when it comes to grade school or high school (unfortunately that is the choice of your parents) but when it comes to higher education it is one hundred percent up to you. Higher education is important, not only for the outrageously expensive piece of paper, but it is important because becoming a lifetime learner is crucial to becoming a successful and wealthy adult. When it comes to education never settle for second best, work hard and attend the school you most desire, even if it takes a little longer to get there than what other people suspect.


Building a career is going to be (or has been) one of the most difficult time of your life. Building a career is far from easy, but in order to become happy with everything in your life, it is another crucial aspect of your difficult life. After you have completed your education it is time to seek your dream job. This is the point in your life where all of your dreams will possibly come true. It is never in your best interest to have a mindless and tedious job that makes you miserable, instead, you should seek a career that makes you want to get out of bed every morning to go to work. Your career is always going to be a large part of your life that will determine your success. Make sure you follow all of your dreams and make them a reality when you choose the career that will last your entire lifetime.

Never Settle

Life is about living, doing the things that make you happy, smiling, laughing, with a lack of stress. You should never settle in life, ditch the people that no longer help create your personal happiness, and stray from the path that only leads you into darkness. Never believe that you are less that what you truly can become. Never let anyone make you feel less than you already are. Always take the path that you want to walk on in life, and make sure that path always leads you to pure bliss. Never settle for something less than the best.

Life and Death

You choose the way you live, so therefore, you choose the way you die. You could either live happy and die happy, or you can chose to live miserably and die miserably, and misery should never be an option in life. Make sure to always choose the path that leads to happiness and success. Your personal way of life is completely up to you, never leave that decision up to others that surround you. Always remember this is your life, this is your happiness, and these are your decisions.

© 2013 Jami Johnson


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      So beautiful and should be required reading for every young person! ^

    • LKMore01 profile image

      LKMore01 4 years ago

      One of the most memorable moments of advice in my entire life was being told by a man I loved , adored and respected to "never settle". This HUB is an inspiring reminder to every one that we control the direction of our lives more than we ever dream. Voted up, JamiJay.

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      This is a very inspirational piece, and I enjoyed it very much. We only have one life, so it is important to live it to the fullest. I have been in a couple of relationships in the past in which my dreams were disregarded, and it isn't a good thing. Since then I have realized that it is up to me to make my life what I want it to be, and to avoid those who don't want me to succeed.

      Thanks for sharing this piece with us, and have a great night.

      Voted up, sharing and pinning.

      ~ Kathryn

    • profile image

      allancolombo 4 years ago

      Positive thoughts draw positive results as it transmits throughout the cosmos of life.