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Living in the south

Updated on October 12, 2009
My wife and grandson
My wife and grandson
My garden
My garden
My past Duluth ,Mn
My past Duluth ,Mn
My hero as a kid
My hero as a kid

Living in the south has for a young man has been unique to say the least. Being born in the far north Duluth,Minnesota I had memories in the back of my mind.

There are smells of the past that stay with you forever, the smell of coal fired furnaces, cattle and horses at the slaughter docks. Yes horses were used for dog food when I was a kid in Duluth. The smell of cold was probably the one small that never leaves you.

Moving to Tampa, Florida at age three didn't leave me much room to object. Divorces parents things I didn't understand or cared about as a kid. Making new friends is easy when you don't have a lot of luggage and it helps to be very young.

I didn't really know about my parents at this point and it didn't have an impact on my life yet. I just figured moving every other month was a game we played.

To the meat of the story, The South how I saw it. Friendly people mixed with angry folks too. On the side of town we lived in was traditional poor people, housing projects for White's and Black's. When you never go more than a block or two from your home and they all look alike life is pretty small yet. Around age 10 I have already been in school four years and have an attitude about people.I have a little brother and a little sister that died at birth.

certain signs, smells and attitudes were starting to emerge. As most young boys my age trouble wasn't far behind me. At age fifteen I was doing six months in the Hillsborough Co, reform school. This was like old home to me though lots of my friends from the projects were already there. The coach from my first school Mr. Bell was the head supervisor there. The sights and smells are getting larger and larger now. But this story is not about me but more about how I see the south at large, so lets move on.

Now that all my trouble is behind me I have a clear shot at the future. I had lived in Fergus Falls Minnesota for a year or two with my real dad. I had real mixed feelings about where I wanted to live now. On a cold October morning I decided to leave Minnesota and hitch hike back to Tampa where the most of my friends lived. I walk most of the state of Minnesota through Wisconsin and south bound wearing a heavy jacket a pack of Winston's and a can of Hamm's beer that stayed cold . A little confused yet I made it to Tampa with out harm to my self but I hurt my Dad and step mother pretty bad. My relationship was never the same again.

I met my wife in jail while working as a guard at the Tampa Police Station in 1977, and change is starting. Life was still pretty simple for me yet I did anything I wanted to at this point. But I was starting to feel the responsibility bug, dam my life was changing I was turning into my big brother. My brother Fred was married and had a couple kids, a super nice guy. Although it took a few years a pain or two I married Jane . Boy was my life starting to change now.

As we start maturing and get married the world does look different to us. We find ourselves watching the news and getting mad at those dam kids caught for laying drag,or drinking in the orange groves that surrounded our house. Politics has started, first you see the corruption on a local level that the Federal Government peaks your interest.

Now I'm in my 30's with a kid of my own A big house that me and Jane build ourselves, a mean dog, a boat and lot time on my hands that I will loose as I get older. Reagan is President now and the Berlin Wall was is cumming down. My oh my things are happening so fast now. I almost lost our home due to bad handling of money, we co owned a pawn shop but were not rich let. After the fall of Terrace Gun and Pawn like Berlin we moved on.

North Georgia, that's my home now. It took us over a year to get moved while my daughter slept on the floor at a make shift trailer in Dawsonville my wife was trying to sell our home in Tampa. I had retired from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in 1986 due to an injury. 1996 is a fresh start for us or so I thought. Moving your whole life is more difficult than one could imagine.Trying to move your whole life and put in a storage unit for ten years proves to be very costly if not just stupid. We had a new life here and I was holding on to the past. I started a new job with the Sheriff Office here as a Warrant's officer, no big deal for me I had done a multitude of jobs back home .

When you live in a small town that has its roots so embedded in its life style like it is here in North Georgia I was torn about my own roots . I grew up with no attachments to anyone ,place or idea. I soon learned that being this close to everyone in a small town gave me a reason to fight for whats I believed was the right thing. Now I'm turning 60 this year things are sinking in a little and I have an exciting outlook on life now.

Politics, that is one of the damndest thing I ever opened up.The range of belief from people that live in one part of the country can be so different than in the other.For example we in the south have our GUN'S, we also have churches, jobs and pay taxes as well. It seems like those politician's in the north are always trying to take those guns away from us for some reason. They don't care much for Church's either paying taxes seems to be optional and there jobs are protected by unions .

Now there are people who live out west that seem to have real close relationships with each other,not my cup of tea at all. It seems like every time they don't like something like AR-15's or high capacity magazines they always have something to say about it. There doesnt seem to be prejudices at all, they have a woman who has control of the whole U.S. Senate, boy she must be very important. Money doesn't seem to be a problem either they just print more.I don't understand why we just appoint another movie star to the office of President, they are so forgiven to each other.

You know there are a lot of good people up north, my relatives. I travel a lot and demand that people be nice. I always meet friendly people working at the air port, they are always trying to help me get on the plane one on each side. I can remember coming from Minnesota to Tampa on a Greyhound carrying a bag with 3 hand guns and a rifle in a case, and no one thought anything about it.

What has happened to the people on this side of the Continent ? It used to be that we trusted our neighbors with an extra key to our house. We are a society of people that have let policies set the standard for the way generations have lived. It seems like every time we say something it offends either a Black person, American Indian, Hendo,Muslim, or just just a regular old Christians. Our feelings are hurt when someone calls us a name so we call the police to make a report.

People get a life, take control of your way of life and quite when someone says something you don't like. We don't need the political correct police any more.Let our kids be kids at school, unfortunately fights area part of everyday life in schools and the work place. Bullies are as much a part pf life as apple pie. These people have to learn and the best teacher is humility. Sense time and memorial people have been learning from their friends, parents, brothers,sisters and what not.

We have to start over again with family values on the front burner.The Government is there to guard the country from attacks,oversee the federal hwy system,set legislation on commerce that crossed state lines. When you vote in the next year coming up remember how much fun this year has been and who sold you and your family down the drain. This could be your last chance to help bring this country back to center. yes your volt counts even though there are many officials that think you need to be told what to do every where along the line.

All of us have very similar stories , that's brought us to this point in life. Take this time to reflect my stories and look at your life, you are as important as those guy's in Washington don't let them life your life for you, Thanks


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