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Longevity Essential Oil

Updated on November 23, 2015

Some facts about growing Old

With millions of us living without partners or children, comes alongside a decline in marriages and spiralling family break-ups. Research reveals millions of baby boomers are facing a lonely old age, however family caregiving may traditionally have been at centre of how long term care is provided and received, it does not guarantee that there will be someone to care for you. So take matters into your own hands, consider convenience in self management, exploring home delivery as an option with diet suppliments and essential Oils to boost your wellbeing.

Details about ageing where research reveals a lot of thought on this, however a conclusion made to know that the oxidative stress or free radical theory is one of the strongest. A type of theory which is based on the fact that continued oxidative stress to cells, receptors and DNA in the human body cause aging, and all of us are subject to this day-to-day oxidative damage, within our body. So why not do something about it?

Age now days seems to be a disease, something to be cured, as we become frightened of being weak and needy. But if you have a positive view of ageing they say you stay healthier longer. Well the advertising bombardment of teenagers selling everything from deodorant to face creams, inevitably has an effect on our own psyche.

All about longevity oil

  • Some good news to consider is about the best ways we could decrease the amount of oxidative stress, logically would be to increase our uptake of antioxidants. In thought most of us know the antioxidant value of the foods we consume, therefore essential oils and supplements assist from their Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. Something to consider, anyway.

    Who do you trust to make difficult decisions on your behalf, easy answer take care of it yourself. This certainly would add to your comfort and reduce anxieties about how you feel. So let us learn what is contained within this amazing Oil named longevity. The contents inside are; Frankincense oil (boswellia carteri), Orange oil (citrus sinensis), Clove oil (syzygium aromaticum), Thyme oil (thymus vulgaris CT thymol).

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Daily capsules why not

One suggestion is that we aren’t forced to face up to our own ageing, the experience nowdays is to decide on your own physical and mental health, how do you want to feel and educate yourself about personal health care. To improve our health and wellbeing, consider taking Longevity daily in a soft-gel. If your looking for an alternative, not found on the supermarket shelf, these Longevity Softgels are enteric coated and have an ORAC value of 150,000 µTE/100g.

Learning of other ingredients included: fractionated Coconut Oil (distilled from pure coconut oil), gelatin, glycerin, enteric coating solution and mixed tocopherols (compounds of which many have Vitamin E activity).

If you would like to purchase your own bottle of Longevity Essential Oil Click Here

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Using longevity oil

There are ways to tell if your body is getting too old, even tests, simply you feel it. Using an Oil like longevity is simple for aging, antioxidants, skin, to prevent wrinkles associated with aging (take internally).

learning how do I use it, the right way, everyday

Use diluted - 20:80 dilution (one part essential oil: four part of vegetable oil). Then,

  • Simply apply several drops (2-4) on ears, throat, spine, wrists, neck, thymus or feet

  • If you know about your chakras and vitaflex points, apply to areas

  • Simply and directly inhale (direct from bottle, or simply rub into palms of hand and cup under nose)

  • A great way is to diffuse, or (preferably through a diffuser which does not heat the elements)

  • Use as a dietary supplement, with the capsule form of oil - fantastic

Wow to longevity oil

The trouble is that many of us find it impossible to relate to the worrying facts of age, so why bother. After reading the facts, you can see the value for Longevity essential oil is HUGE. Which reminds me of it's time for a change so why not switch your personal motto to; here's to taking my daily essential oils.

Interesting facts from 'Young Living who produces the Longevity essential oil, believe that by taking an antioxidant supplement which is so important that it should be taken every day.' The added bonus is where the company make's 'it available as a dietary supplement for easier consumption.' Thankyou Young Living for helping my internal body feel Great. Further to note, from my own personal experience in taking this amazing Oil by capsule form, within the first few days I had noticed changes, and a sense of wellbeing. All the best.

Longevity Essential Oil


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