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Losing Weight With Iphone App, Wii Fit, XBox 360 Kinect Games, And Other Weight Loss Ideas

Updated on June 4, 2014

Millions of people struggle everyday to lose weight. Some of us make New Year's resolutions to lose a few pounds, others struggle so badly that they have had doctors tell them they have to lose weight. For anyone looking to lose weight, whether a few pounds or many pounds, there are things that can help you lose weight today that simply weren't around 10 or more years ago.

How many people have video games in their home? Many! How many people have smartphones? Many!! Yet too few take advantage of some of the weight loss aids that are right at their fingertips. Almost any electronic game or phone platform has a way to help you get fit and stay fit these days, and most have small price tags as well! There are several great Wii weight loss games, and even new Xbox 360 Kinect weight loss games. If you have a smartphone, there are weight loss apps that do everything from giving you different exercises to do to keeping up with your weight loss and giving you diet tips.

Below, you will find descriptions, videos, and even places to buy some of these weight loss aids. Look at the Wii Fit weight loss games, the Kinect weight loss games, and the weight loss apps for smartphones and find some excellent aids to your fitness program!

Wii Fit And Xbox 360 Kinect Weight Loss Games

Kinect: Your Shape

EA Active 2

For the last few years, one of the largest advancements in fun weight loss has been the addition of weight loss games on the Wii and Xbox 360 gaming platforms. Each of the platforms have excellent weight loss games that make exercising and losing weight fun and interactive. Some of these games even have weight loss calculators that can tell you what your caloric intake and exercise plan should be to lose a certain amount of weight in a specified amount of time.

The Wii weight loss games include Wii Fit , Wii Fit Plus , EA Active , EA Active 2 , Zumba, Biggest Loser and more! Some of the Wii weight loss games require the use of the Wii Balance Board that can be purchased separately or as a part of a Wii Fit combo pack.

The Xbox weight loss games are all to be used with its new Kinect component that works similarly to the Wii, but without having to hold a controller. The Kinect weight loss games include Kinect: Your Shape, Biggest Loser, EA Active 2, Zumba and others.

There are other games on each gaming platform, but these are definitely the most advanced. Some of the other games include exercise videos and even cooking games that can help with your diet.


Iphone and Smartphone Weight Loss Apps

One of the easiest ways to help yourself stay on track with your weight loss goal is to get a fitness/weight loss app for your smartphone. Whether you have an Iphone, Android, Blackberry or anything else, almost all smartphones have the capability for great weight loss apps. Just search for weight loss in your app store and voila! Although many are free, a few will cost a small fee for download. However, if you think you may want one that charges, simply look for a lite version, they are usually free. After trying out the lite version, you should be able to decide whether or not to buy the complete version of the weight loss app.

Some of the apps available range from free Weight Watchers apps to MyFit apps that help you watch what you eat and give you exercises to do to help along the way. You can find BMI apps to help calculate your Body Mass Index, apps to simply record weight changes and measurement changes, and apps that even provide "hypnotic" recordings to play in your sleep to help you with your weight loss goals.

Although some of these weight loss apps a made to help you with your exercises, most of them are focused toward tracking your success and keeping up with what exercises you have done. Some of the pay versions may have everything you want, but you may want a lite version to track your success to be used along with your kinect weight loss game.

Two apps I have recently been using to grow closer to my personal weight loss goal are the Tactio TargetWeight app and the iGoalinformer app. Both of these apps take the info you plug in about your current weight, goal weight, and goal deadline, and mark your progress. The iGoalinformer app, although very basic, tells you how many calories you need to eat to stay your current weight, to maintain your goal weight once you get there, and how many you need to eat to reach your goal weight by your goal deadline.

Wii And Xbox Weight Loss Games And Accessories

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