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Low Carbs - a Good Dietary Choice?

Updated on May 9, 2011

Low Carb Diet - Pros

Any low carb diet will cause you to lose weight quickly due to a chemical reaction in the body when inadequate levels of carbs are available. You will burn fat at a faster rate than traditional diets until your body fights back.

Preventable Health Issues

The restricted intake of fruits and milk products which have been shown to reduce blood pressure causes an obvious reverse effect. High protein intake causes calcium loss through urine, because calcium intake is low. Gout is also caused by consuming too much protein and raising uric acid levels in the body. HIgh amounts of protein increase the chances of uric acid and calcium oxolate forming kidney stones. The lower fibre intake from a low carb diet can also cause chronic constipation.

Change Your Thinking

Move away from all or nothing thinking and take a more balanced approach including high fibre carbs like leafy green vegetables, cereals and moderate amounts of lean proteins and healthy fats like olive oil.

Weight loss requires permanent changes to your lifestyle including changing the way you eat and becoming more active.

Be aware of portion sizes - a serving of starch is the size of your fist, a serving of protein - the palm of your hand, vegetables - two open hands.

Quick Weight Loss

The majority of weight loss from a low carb diet is from water and muscle tissue loss. Losing lean muscle mass reduces the amount of the number of calories your body needs each day, making it harder to keep your weight under control.


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