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My Lucid Nightmares - False Awakenings

Updated on March 17, 2017

I just woke up. My bed is a mattress on the floor, in a bedroom that I share with my younger brother. He sleeps on a real bed a few feet away from me. I don't mind that he has the real bed and I have the floor mattress. I prefer it that way. There is something comforting about being that close to the ground, solid and reassuring, as if it weren't actually the exoskeleton of a dust speck planet hurtling and spinning through an endless void of infinite and meaningless space.

I'm twelve years old. To make my bedroom floor all the more comforting, I've made it the resting-place for my precious NIV study Bible. Besides serving as a talisman to ward off unseen evil, my Bible is certainly heavy and firm enough to serve as a blunt weapon against any intruders of a more material sort. Upon awakening, I reach over to feel for my Bible. I don't find it.

It is almost pitch black in my room, but I look over to the bed where my brother sleeps, and see him sitting up in bed. But it isn't really my brother. It's a humanoid figure, nothing more than a shadow, which I'm able to see despite (or rather because) of the fact that it is even darker than all the darkness in the bedroom. And in its black hole of a head: the brightest green eyes, like portals to a hell that perhaps only H.P Lovecraft could have dreamed up. If only my Bible were present and accounted for.

The shadow is on top of me in an instant, tearing me apart with razor-sharp teeth. I feel everything. Once, when I was a young child living in a "third world" country, I had to have one of my internal organs surgically removed without the aid of anesthetic. I felt everything. Even though American children aren't supposed to wind up overseas, far, far from home, feeling everything, I did. And even though children should never find themselves trapped in endless lucid nightmares where everything is real because pain is real no matter where or how it comes, my world has been pain for what feels like forever.

I can't go to sleep. I'm not twelve years old anymore, but approaching thirty, relatively speaking (isn't time always relative?). My bed is no longer a mattress on the ground, because now that I accept that the ground is hurtling and spinning through so much space, it isn't so comforting anymore. There is still a Bible beside my bed. But its supernatural powers have long departed, leaving me to pour through Greek word histories and all the best manuscript evidence, in search of where the holy prophets had it all wrong. And yet...

How I envy the ancients at times. Their ground was still ground.

This isn't a fiction. It is my life. I remember hearing once that the man who wrote that song, "Row, row, row your boat (gently down the stream)" proceeded to commit suicide just minutes after writing that song. That kind of puts a new spin on it, I think. Doesn't it?

I hope to bring us both through the furnace and out again, burned to the very core, but not broken.

Stay tuned


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    • profile image

      Lilly 3 years ago

      I had a false awakening before... I think I'm partly naturally lucid but I am not completely sure. I am able to control what I do in my own dreams like in real life but I cannot control the environment or people around me in my dream, my type of dreaming is like real life, I feel everything that touches me, and I realized I was different when I was telling a story to my friends about my dreams and I started off saying "You know how you can control what you do in your dreams?" and everyone was like... "Uhh no." I was so confused and I looked it up and apparently it means I'm lucid. I've always been able to control what I do in my dreams and be aware that I am dreaming. Anyways once I had a nightmare that I was running down the halls with this black man figure following me and I woke up in the dream thinking I was actually awake and saw a black shadow that was darker then the dark room (similar to your dream.) and every time I blinked it came closer and closer then I tried screaming but nothing came out with my eyes shut tight then I found myself awake for real and my dad ran in the room wondering if I was alright.

    • Janean Durham profile image

      Janean Durham 4 years ago from Bakersfield, Missouri

      I've been having lucid nightmares off and on for the last year trapped in the following cycle: 1. I begin lucid dreaming 2. I lose control, and the dream becomes a nightmare 3. I have a false awakening and lose lucidity 4. A new nightmare begins 5. The cycle repeats. I try to wake myself up inside my dream by screaming so my husband or kids will hear me and come wake me up or by slapping myself in the face to force myself to wake up. I need to know why this is happening to me and how I can make it stop. I am afraid to fall asleep.

    • profile image

      DreamController 5 years ago

      Hi everyone. I'm not a professional lucid dreamer, I've just had a lot of lucid dreams. They started happening when I was a teenager. They were so real but most of the time they were nightmares that I had to struggle to wake up from. Because of that struggle I became better and better at controlling the dreams. If I saw A demon I would feel extreme power, the more fearful it made me the more powerful I would feel. So if you are lucid dreaming and you know you are dreaming then why not choose to be more powerful than those things you see in your dreams. If demons scare you it probably means that you believe in their existence. If you believe in the existence of demons then most likely you believe in the existence of God. So why not let your belief in God out power those demons, it really helps. Just try it next time you have a night mare like that. Confront those demons using the power of God in your dreams. God is always the strongest in your dreams even if you don't believe in God or demons.

    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 5 years ago from Irvine

      A lucid dream is synonymous with the idea of awareness plus control. My first lucid dream occurred by just observing my hand. I was then able to go on from there to do such things as flying. But, lucid dreams do not seem sustainable for a long period of time. They usually drift into a normal dream state where we are just subjected to unconscious material. I do not think that your nightmares have much (if anything) to do with the concept of lucid dreaming because you lose control of the content. The content may be vivid, but the key here is being able to control the content. If confronted with a monster in a lucid dream, one could turn it into a benign form. If you cannot do that, the dream is no longer lucid.

    • profile image

      Jaime 5 years ago

      Ihave lucid dreams just about every day... sometimes two or three.. they are usually dark, demonic, spiritual dreams.... Some could give steven king a run for his money... i am 25 and for several years i have slept with a dream catcher above my headboard or near my bed. it helps to temper the dreams and keep me in control, if i cant control a bad dream i still know its a dream and the catcher takes away feeling the pain... i can however feel other unpleasant things but nothing terrible... Have you ever tried a dream catcher?

    • profile image

      Allie 5 years ago

      Hi:) I'm 12 years old and I've been looking this up lately . Last night I tried it for about the 3rd time and I woke up (in real life ) and I couldn't move but I was crying. There were just tears coming out of my eyes and all I could do was lay there freaking out. But somehow my mom ended up in my bed and she started hugging me , I don't even know . But it was the scariest thing I've ever done

    • profile image

      Sarella 5 years ago

      I am 11 years old. 3 months ago, I learned what it meant when I "woke up in the middle of a dream, but kept dreaming and knew it." Usually I would wake up. I did a teensy research. For the past 3weeks I've done nothing BUT lucid dream when I'm asleep. I wake up multiple times each night, remembering by beloved grandmother's head... ugh nevermind. I experience that feeling, as well, where whatever I tihnk about comes true. I keep sleeping with the light on but it doesn't help at all. It's 3 in the morning. -.-

    • profile image

      Chocolateeyum 5 years ago

      I really want to have a good lucid dream,but I want to wake I haven't done any of this stuff yet, but I want too.

      I'm a 12 year old girl

      Will I be able to control my dreams safely?

    • profile image

      Dominique 5 years ago

      I really want to have a lucid dream but I'm terrified of all the possibilities that can happen. I think I will try to have one tonight but I'm really scared...

    • profile image

      Kysersosa1002 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      I myself have been having lucid dreams for the past 20years. I regularly have what some would call nightmares. The thing that helps me is this, force yourself not to run. Try in your dream to focus on the face of the demon, zombie, or whatever. Reach out to it and touch it, I'm dead serious.

      Recognize that every nightmare IS "beatable" and that you can control it, I typically dream of weapons and put foot to ass.

      Once you realize that you control your mind, it becomes a great tool.

      I regularly go on James Bond missions, Become video game characters, become a super hero in my dreams. Its a piece of cake :)

      Fear nothing...

      As for sleep paralysis, here's the trick that works for me. Try rocking back and forth it will give you a "kick"(See the movie Inception)

      To avoid this altogether don't sleep with your feet crossed, tuck a pillow between your knees if you can help it. It keeps the muscles in your back from total relaxation which I hear causes the paralysis.

    • profile image

      YaBoiii 5 years ago

      Look, ive had these demons or whatever hold me down before and I couldn't scream and whatnot to, when I was like 10! But im 15 now and im gonna try this again tonight because I guess that if I think of something bad ill just turn super sayian and fuck every demons shit up. Im gonna do this because I completely forgot about about controlling my dreams until the other night when I was with this really hot girl from my real life and stuff. And I remembered it when I woke up. So tonight im gonna go to sleep, fucks some bitches, fucks up some demons and the grudge or whatever the hell shows up. Good luck everyone and happy dreaming, im no pro but remember, its ur dream, you're brain and just remember that nothing can really happen to you. If you're being held down and cant scream, either go super saiyan, attemt to wake ur self, or just enjoy it like the crazy motha fucka u are.

    • sonykkid profile image

      sonykkid 5 years ago

      Hi I have had a few false awakenings too, its so good to wake up,once you are in the real world you'll know 100% that its real.

    • profile image

      wce2013 5 years ago

      I have still not experienced lucid dreaming but I have experienced sleep paralysis several times and every time, I feel like there is several demons on top of me holding me down and laughing it tends to be a scary experience until I figure out that I am just dreaming and then I fight to be able to move and force myself not to yell because I know I would wake up the entire houe

      so I focus not on the demons but on moving my fingers toes etc. until I wake up. lucid reaming sounds like fun but sleep paralysis is not fun it really is frightening so I recommend waking yourself up before a dream gets too dark

    • profile image

      ALYSSA 5 years ago

      I've been lucid dreaming for years, natually. It amazes me that people who don't natually do this, want to. It can be a blessing, but it's also a curse. No matter what I think about before I go to bed, one second of a bad thought while dreaming, has such huge power to turn everything upside down. Thankfully, I've gotten my most of my dreaming under control...but there's still nightmares.

    • profile image

      Dusty 5 years ago

      I have just moments ago found this term (lucid dreaming) and decided to read up on it. These stories are interesting because I have dreams where I am in control, and I know it's a dream, but I also have dreams were I don't know if it's real and I have no control. Like I'm a zombie. I have had this since I was a kid (around 5ish) and it still happens (turning 20 next month). I find all of this very interesting and I am truly amazed at how well our minds really do work.

    • profile image

      beatss 5 years ago

      so i read this whole article and personally reading everyones comments. so many people are scared to try but i think im still going to attempt to do it even after reading this. YOLO right? :D

    • profile image

      Claybacon 5 years ago

      For the last 2 years I've had a weird sensation on the front side of my stomach before falling asleep. It jolts me awake (if I want to awaken) and usually fall asleep normally afterwards, but...if I stay with that sensation it gets stronger and stronger until my whole body is ingulfed. It's a whole new ball game in dream world if I do. Most if not all I'm defending myself against demons trying to take me away looking for a light to get me away. Just the other night I had one where I was paralyzed on my back with a scary figure with a sword asking me if I still believed in god. The "demon" said he wouldn't kill me if I said no. I said yes I do and he plunged the blade into my chest but dissapeared. The blade disappeared and I was fine....damn near shit my pants when I woke up. My question - what is that recurring feeling in my side I get before this happens.....

    • profile image

      Claybacon 5 years ago

      For the last 2 years I've had a weird sensation on the front side of my stomach before falling asleep. It jolts me awake (if I want to awaken) and usually fall asleep normally afterwards, but...if I stay with that sensation it gets stronger and stronger until my whole body is ingulfed. It's a whole new ball game in dream world if I do. Most if not all I'm defending myself against demons trying to take me away looking for a light to get me away. Just the other night I had one where I was paralyzed on my back with a scary figure with a sword asking me if I still believed in god. The "demon" said he wouldn't kill me if I said no. I said yes I do and he plunged the blade into my chest but dissapeared. The blade disappeared and I was fine....damn near shit my pants when I woke up. My question - what is that recurring feeling in my side I get before this happens.....

    • profile image

      Alex Thomas 5 years ago

      This is a great blog, your experience seems terrifying!! However, you are not alone :)

      I want to tell you about part of a lucid dream I had a few weeks ago that might help you out. I woke (in my dream) laying in my bed, there was a man and 2 women laying beside me, he asked me to join them (as in join their group/cult) but I refused. He seemed evil, kind of like the devil in human form, very handsome and persuasive, but with dark negative energy. He asked multiple times to join him, each time getting progressively ill tempered. The last time I refused there was a loud room shaking roar coming from my hallway, as if he was seeking his minion on me. So I flew out of the room towards the sky, and landed outside my house on the road. I could hear the "thing" following me, it was terrifying for it was getting closer and closer. I then came to the realization that this is my dream, my mind, and how dare I let anything but me control it. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and faced it. My fear dwindled, and quite frankly I became a little pissed off. As I started walking towards it, it became smaller, and more weak. As I started to gain confidence and stability, tools and weapons started appearing out of nowhere. When I got up close, the monster has turned into a cowardly man in a half way put together costume. He was quivering and afraid... I killed him anyway, for my own satisfaction with the tools that have been so graciously provided. MORAL of the story is - The scary things in your dreams, MANIFEST its self when you are afraid. Your fear is its energy source. When you are not afraid of it, the bad things have nothing to do but walk away with its tail between its legs.

      Keep in mind that it cant hurt you -

    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      I too have experienced almost everything you have. The dream about being torn apart I also had but at the age of 6/7. I woke from a lucid dream to be back in bed, I stayed awake for around 20 minutes thinking, until I decided to sit up.. And couldn't. It was light but suddenly darkness swallowed it, I felt the door open and a cold breath brushed across my face. As I tried to scream/shout, my mouth opened, but no sound came out. The cold air entered my mouth and I felt as if I was being eaten from the inside out, I was sweating and crying in my sleep until my body felt empty and I had spasm's, I then woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach. I've had many similar experiences, but now only the devil can make me enter a lucid nightmare. He creates an environment and takes me there with the face of a normal person. When in his environment; he shows himself and tells me if I die, I will never wake up in the real world. I've narrowly avoided being killed by him. Shouting Jesus has saved me, regaining some control has saved and an angel has saved me, but only once. I entered a realm of blankness, only a sink in the vast emptiness, I heard a door shut and an angel was behind me. He gave me the option to awake or have full control and end my lucid nightmares for good. I chose to awaken, he splashed water on my face and when i awoke he was in my room. His empty eyes looked at me, he nodded and left through my closed door

    • profile image

      Tristian 5 years ago

      All of these experiences sound so brutal and terrifying. I'm not going to lie, but as an American 14 year old who lives somewhere like the ghetto, the weird and naughty adultry that goes through my head only inspires me to attempt lucid dreaming. Oh yeah, flying over the neighborhood, having sex with whom ever you wish, i would only assume tha its paradise to control your own world. But reading this... all of this, these tragic stories of different people, from red skies, to deadly animals, from darkness everywhere to guts being ripped to shreds. It all makes me realize what sick person i am, and if i am that sick of a person, then theres no telling what my lucid nightmares would turnout to be. In general, i am not really scared of anything besides God and losing my relatives, and with that being so, off course those things would certainly pop up in my nightmares, except more brutal and filled with gore. My whole family would most likely die slowly and painfully in everydifferent way possible. And th God that i love, but fear at the same time... theres honestly no telling the crucial he would do to me (well not the real him of course) Not only will these things be in my nightmare, but i bet the things i wouldn't normally be scared of would most definatley be there, but in a more sick and twisted way. i'd probably see a little girl at one point, the next, i'd probably see a two headed demon girl crawling on the wall coming toward me with her peircing green eyes spitting acid everywhere with her long split toungue dangling outside her mouth. At one point i would see a toy monkey that marches in circles while crashing cymbals, the next, i'd see a monkey not marching in circles, but sprinting toward me as fast as possible, the cymbals he would be crashing, he'd throw them at me as if they were razor sharp blades flying my way, as the monkey would approach me, he would climb my back ripping my skin with its sabor sharp nails as he tries to burrow through my shirt and into my rib cage only to climb inside and crush it, its monkey screech would make you want to hurl, but exactly can you throw up after a monkey has just emptied your whole digestive system. My mind floods with thousands of sick and twisted possibilities, and i only want to lucid dream to have sex? My calculations read:

      If your name was Tristian and you wanted to lucid dream, how would your dream most likely turnout if you had a 99% chance of having endless nightmares and a 1% chance of having sex?

      A)Endless nightmares


      C)None of the above, because im not going to lucid dream.

      C would be my answer, just in case your wondering. I'd rather wait till im married to the love of my life to have real sex, then to risk losing my body to another spirit just to have pretend sex with a random girl. I'm not sure if it's much help coming from a non lucid dreamer, but my advice would be 1. Dont think about sick things like me, and 2. Do not attempt lucid dreaming. If you have actually read this whole comment then i would like you to know that you are brave and i highly respect you :)

    • japtaker profile image

      Justin Aptaker 5 years ago from United States

      Sorry I can't respond to everyone individually. I think it is important to note a few things about my experiences: 1. I was very young (11-12 years old). The mind is still at a very formative stage this early in adolescence, and is thus likely to be more volatile, 2. I have a very anxious-type personality, 3. I was raised in an EXTREMELY religious environment, which would explain the appearance of demons and so forth in my dreams, 4. I DID overcome the cycle of nightmares and false awakenings after a week or two of sincerely wanting to stop lucid dreaming (and praying that I would stop), 5. In my early adulthood (19 years old - 28 years old) I have experimented with lucid dreaming off and on, and have NEVER again experienced the sort of horrific things I experienced with it as a child. As an adult, I've always managed to keep my lucid dreams more or less under control (granted, I still don't dabble in it very often, out of a caution born from my early experiences).

    • profile image

      ANONYMOUS 5 years ago

      That's creepy, I've only had one lucid dream. It started out good, I was walking in my back yard with my .22 squirrel hunting (unusual dream for me). I shot 2, but then I thought of an orangutan with overlapping 6 in. teeth. He was hanging from a telephone pole, he was soaked in blood and was snarling and growling at me. I raised my gun to find it broken. The thing charged me (it was a good 1000ft away) it was slow, but I was slower. I started screaming only to hear a choke, I tried and I tried the only noise I made was a cough from trying to yell, the thing was 50 feet away now and kept yelling and snarling. It stopped for just a moment to beat it's chest. It charged again, as soon as it's teeth sunk into my should I screamed at the top of my lungs, but not just in the dream but in real life. I woke myself up and my mom was standing over me crying saying I was gripping my mattress with a deathgrip and that I was yelling and shaking violently. I said it was just a dream, got dressed and went to school.

    • profile image

      Jenna 5 years ago

      People think lucid dreaming is terrible. I've mastered lucid dreaming about 2 weeks ago, and I've never had a nightmare before that, but I had one just a few days ago. I was with my 4th grade class (in reality im in high school) and I knew I was lucid, so I rushed over to my grade 4 crush and put a peck on his cheek then proceeded with becoming principal of the school and that we would receive no homework, no worksheets, no learning, and that it would be pure fun. Later, I thought about how cool it would be if we were locked up inside the school having to fight zombies. And like a snap, my dream had the clouds growing darker and zooming around. Thunder crackled and it began to storm. We rushed inside the building and I knew the zombies were about to come. I took my grade 4 class into our classroom and our teachers were gone. The microphone to the school speakers were there so I declared that every grade level would decide on a leader to defend themselves from zombies, and that guns would be provided inside their classrooms. Right when I said that, a table appeared with an array of guns. Everyone grabbed a rifle and my crush handed me the biggest one. We heard a groaning noise and the zombies crashed through our windows. They looked exactly like the ones on Black Ops. We shot them and killed the first group. We then moved out to the middle school building because our elementary school was divided in preschool, children, and middle school. We attacked more zombies and then we thought it was over. But then I thought, "What if there was more?" I shouldn't have, because a zombie attacked me from behind. I was thinking that I was about to die and become a zombie. It was biting me, but I couldn't feel it. It didn't hurt. I began to get annoyed. I was whining, "It's my dream! I should be the leader! He can't hurt me! It doesn't hurt!" With that, I felt confidence and wished for a zombie death guarantee gun to be in my hands. I looked down and it was there. I shot the zombie with it and it died. Everyone cheered. It was still storming, though. Suddenly, I thought, "What if we had a blackout?" The lights knocked out, everyone screamed, and I woke up. It was a dramatic way to end that nightmare. I should probably write a book on it, lol. Now that I think about it, the zombie thing was inspired by Black Ops, and it was quite funny to see fourth graders battling zombies with guns.

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      I am staying the night at a friends house and she is too scared to try lucid dreaming... I want to but i don't wanna not be able to stop it..

    • profile image

      Shan 5 years ago

      this experience happened to me too, if this is what its called in my early lucid dreaming when i was a kid i was aware of me dreaming but couldn't do a thing abut it, every scary thing i refuse to imagine pops up, im was just hoping to wake up. then it stops and pops anytime,one day i have read something saying that ITS YOUR MIND, YOUR DREAM, AND YOU JUST BELEIVE THAT YOU CAN CONTROL IT i felt courage after hearing that and when i got to sleep i was again in my dark side of lucid dreaming where im conscious im dreaming then i just believe that i can control my DREAM but the nightmare fought back once time there is this one dream where A black coated guy was trying to attack every dear to me and me i fought back just thinking t myself dodge, power, everything and i became confident in the end i ended my nightmare with a great sweet ending seeing the clear blue sky and then i woke up.

    • profile image

      Daniel 5 years ago

      I'm 14 and i was hoping to try lucid dreaming tonight. I have a feeling if I do it and pre-plan what i would like to do in my dream (good stuff), it won't happen. None of what you do in a dream is using your actual body in real life. Meaning it all happens in the brain. The second something scary pops into your brain, your dream reads off it and turns into a nightmare. You have to try staying positive in your dream. I will try this tonight and see how it goes. :D

    • profile image

      Shivani 5 years ago

      That`s really creepy , i`m 16 and i was interested in learning about this because ive never heard about it before but now im having second thoughts about it.

    • profile image

      Noor 5 years ago

      Today i tried lucid dreaming for the first time and it worked. Im 19 years old and i've always known i have a huge imagination and im always scared of demons and would imagine them in the dark, i tried everything but it never works with me. So when i lucid dreamed its like i was sucked into my brain and i was laughing cuz it was a fun weird experience, then the first thing i hear in the darkness was an evil scary laugh that scared me but i didn't care and started laughing and i wanted to run fast but i saw darkness and nothing else, I FELT the air and the force of running like i was FLASH u knw. but it was darkness and i was alone in the dark, so i just wanted to leave and then it got bad. I think cuz i laughed the demon went away because of the excitement, but when i wanted to wake up i couldn't. What i thought was that i woke up and i couldn't move, it's like paralysis that i was seeing my room and everything but couldn't move to wake up and i felt my hands barely moving away my sheets so i could move my body off of bed. and i was trying to scream my mom's name but it came out as a whisper, u have no idea how scary that was for me especially that im a very anxious person and i do believe in demons and hell and those things, other then the fact that im just scared of the dark too, it felt like forever to move, and after a while my other hand would function a little bit, then my foot and leg and so on. Later i moved my body enough to reach the end of the bed and then i woke up, then i saw something scary in the corner of my eye that looked like a dead person but then realized it was my clothes hanging and im actually just awake.

      I know i dont want to lucid dream anymore because just sitting here writing this, i can see from the corner of my eye a black figure staring at me, but the moment i look at it i find that its just my coat. I do realize im imagining things but that doesn't make it less scary. And that happens every day, every day im in fear. So, no i don't think lucid dreaming is worth it, maybe later in life when im not like who i am today.

    • profile image

      Sage 5 years ago

      Something like that happened to me, I was dreaming about how I had to go to the bathroom really bad, then I walked into a white room with just a toilet; I started going to the bathroom but then started feeling myself going to the bathroom for real! It was awful hahahha .. I don't think that's very close to lucid dreaming..????

    • profile image

      herdaherd 5 years ago

      were you able to stop those dreams ?

      or did you gain control of those dreams ?

      did they feel just as real as the "normal" dreams ?

      do you now have "normal" dreams

    • profile image

      ReinNacht 5 years ago

      Lucid dreams are often hilarious for me. I'm a fourteen year old, young enough to have vivid lucid nightmares, at the same time, having conscious power to break free from the grasp. My story is this. I will always know how to fly. After some experimentation, I could teleport as well. However, when demons and monsters and crap show up, I don't freak out. No siree. I instantly spawn in weapons and allies to combat. There was once an instance where I made myself invincible, then point-blanked enemies with a rocket launchers. Being swarmed by zombies? Spawn in a set of the iconic Golden P99s of the Goldeneye 64 game. being chased by nigh invincible demons? Shoot lasers from my hands. The possibilities are endless, and I think in part because my brain doesn't function like the whole "Red Monkey" thing. I've issued control already. Nothing more to do with it.

    • profile image

      chico 5 years ago

      pretty scary. i find lucid dreaming to be quite helpful to basically fight off nightmares. it takes quite some time to learn how to control your dreams even if they look like a sketch of drawings sometimes, i fear most it sleeping paralysis when a demon appears and all you can do is nothing but laugh. im very interested in this subject e-mail me if your interested in talking about this. to lucid dreams it basically happens often when your taking naps, from my experience...

    • profile image

      Joe Brand 5 years ago

      I have been meditating with binaural beats for the last 18 months. I have had a lot of nice lucid dreams. Although, before I started meditating, I believe I was a lot more prone to nightmares. Last night, was the most strange experience for a long time, I was dreaming and conversing with a friend that had died. I wasn't aware he was dead in the dream, Some really strange things started happening to the environment we were in and I remember saying "why are thing so strange around here", almost as soon as I said it the answer came to me that I was dreaming. I got scared and woke up. I think I knew that if I bought fear into that environment things could get a lot worse. I guess I am just recommending using this technology to meditate with. I have had less scary things happen during dreams, and had some really beautiful, great experiences. Google Holosync

    • profile image

      ezra 5 years ago

      Can you stop having lucid dreams?

    • profile image

      Aminn 5 years ago

      I have amazing dreams, most of the time. I know that i am dreaming, so I do whatever i want in them, no matter how bad it is. Sometimes, i have dreams about death, but right before i die in the dream, something happens. I know im about to die, and so i close my eyes and tighten up really tight. After that, a little pause menu like in a video game pops up, and i go to quit. After that i wake up, its really cool. I have a lot of fun dreaming, sometimes it seems even funner than how real live is.

    • profile image

      mab 6 years ago

      wow..i've been trying to have a lucid dream this last 3 days and i haven't been able to have one, but now that i read not very sure i want to keep trying 0.0

    • profile image

      mohit 6 years ago

      hello . i was juss studing abt LUCID dreaming . as i read the stories , i would like to know whether lucid dreaming is gud or bad? i mean one should experience it or not. as i m finding it intersting as we can control our dream. we can do watever we want. go whereever we want to .may b i m wrong so please help me .

    • profile image

      Drew 6 years ago

      I was incredibly curious about lucid dreaming the first time I heard it from one of my best friends from high school. Kevin (my friend) told me of how when he was deployed, he learned how to lucid dream from another, and would dream of his girlfriend back in the states. It sounded insane to me that he could do such a thing. But after looking into it and reading this article, I don't believe it's worth attempting. I've been sleeping great for years, and don't remember my last nightmare (excluding a week-long string of WWIII dreams). I don't want to fear sleeping, so I will stay how I am. Thank you quite so for your warning =)

    • profile image

      jay jay kim 6 years ago

      last night i had a terrible nightmare. Just like your story my dream started out fine. i was at school library ( i think i was at school library) when i ran into couple of my friends. We where just catching up and that's when the nightmare began. My friends where making fun of me at the library and i ran away. then suddenly the scenery changed.millions of people were standing in one line looking starved and there where guards standing with guns. when we didn't do what the guards told us to do they would kill us. standing in line with my mom and my sister ( where did my dad go?) one of the guard walked toward me. when i looked at the guards face it had three eyes in one row. As the dream goes on it gets more terrifying!!!!there where churches next to where i was standing except it was a church anymore. the church building walls were decorated with demon sculptures, and there where devil worshipers standing on top of the church building jumping off suiciding ( I'm not going to write the whole dream)then i woke up praying to god that i don't want to go to hell and couldn't go back to sleep till the sun rose:( i didn't know i was a lucid dreamer till right now. because in my dreams when someones tries to hurt me or I'm about to fall off the cliff and die i always knew that i wouldn't actually be hurt since i know i was dreaming. before i found out about lucid dream i wasn't that scared. but now I'm scared to go to bed every night.... i never practiced or forced my self to have lucid dreams it just happens naturally and i wish i can stop it

    • shauneagle profile image

      shauneagle 6 years ago from Westerville, OH

      Love the article! I don't intentionally lucid dream (think about it before going to sleep) but I notice than in about 30% of my dreams, I understand what is going on. I have only once referred to a previous dream from within a dream only once. I once thought about doing it intentionally but now after I read your article, no way. Thank you for the heads up. I will let these dreams happen naturally.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      From the sound of it, you sir are slipping into the grips of madness...

    • AlyzaLewis profile image

      AlyzaLewis 6 years ago from The Land of Narnia

      Wow, your lucid nightmares are really scaring me now. I've never had a lucid nightmare, though I've had many lucid dreams. I would count the bad ones more annoying than scary.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      A lovely pair of articles.

      At age 3, I was fascinated by the possibility that we have within us the power of creation. But I was also terrified of that possibility. I found in one recurrent dream the ease of flying, but when "faith" left me, I found myself descending toward a dark mass of writhing claws clutching at my heels.

      I always longed to return to the simplicity of the faith I felt in that dream. In some ways I've found that, but only intermittently. In one incident, a miracle on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, that state became fully realized.

      Years later, it amazed me to see the second Matrix film which ended with Neo pulling down tons of robotic enemy machinery in the "real world" with the same "faith" he used while in the matrix. It seemed everyone around me missed that vital and startling aspect of Matrix 2's ending. Perhaps I got it more easily than did my friends because I had experienced something similar to Neo's "miracle."

      Sometimes the world of dreams and the world of "reality" overlap. Deciphering that overlap is a fascinating exercise.

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand

      The mind is a very powerful thing. Being young one can easily be influenced by or attracted to that which is unknown. If one is not aware of the perils in the other realms (just like if we aren't here) they can be very detrimental to the waking mind (not body). These experiences can then create patterns that are hard to break, and can keep attracting like experiences. They of course, like any pattern, can be changed and lucid dreaming will become a more useful and enjoyable experience.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 7 years ago from the Ether

      I have been an avid lucid dreamer since I was also a child...and like you did not even know that it was called "lucid dreaming". I have had so many different kinds of lucid dreams, a lot of terrifying ones might I add, that I have filled 2 large journals with all of my dream entries...and that only covers the past 3 years. The key, I believe, is to set your mind at peace before you fall need to specifically focus on the positive and keep in mind that sometimes your dreams will seem frightening but you have to push through them. As horrible as they may seem, you should know that you will wake up and live through it. If you are truly lucid dreaming, you will know that you'll be okay shortly. I would recommend that you read "Conscious Dreaming" by Robert Moss if you haven't already. You can also look up his groups on the internet and maybe join to gain some insight into some of your nightmares. The other thing about lucid dreaming that I wanted to mention is that sometimes it's beneficial to you to not try so hard to control the stories that are unfolding in your mind...let them play out...usually they are trying to tell you something. Good luck and think positively.