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'Mad' spelled backwards is 'Dam'; What's Broken In Your life?

Updated on October 17, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Colors of Diffused Anger
Colors of Diffused Anger

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: The Esoteric Truth About Anger

It is impossible for someone to ‘make you mad.’ No matter how much you would like to convince yourself otherwise, the truth remains; no one can ‘make you mad.’ You are already angry before any type of confrontation or explosion takes place.

You can only be bothered on the outside by life’s lesson you have not ascertained, assimilated, and adapted within. In other words, whatever reactive negative emotional display you show another is not because of him/her {or anything he/she has supposedly done to you} but for the outstanding recognition of your desire to transmute a repressed unexpressed issue on the inside of you. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the other person. Nothing!

As long as you refuse to see the opportunity of the light of truth being offered, {through various emotional outbursts} you will continue to be blind which causes you to fall in the ditch. Nothing occurs on the outside that you have dealt with, finished and disposed of within yourself. Sometimes, we cling to matters that have long since released us, but we refuse to move on. No problems exist on the outside. None.

If you are yelling, sulking, gossiping, worrying, obsessing, accusing, blaming others, regarding issues that you inadvertently have assumed belong to them, you are the one who is badly/sorely mistaken.

No one has wronged, cheated, abused, abandoned, neglected, lied to, or betrayed you in any manner. These are mere appearances that are false and misleading. It would be easy to assign blame onto another without realizing the real culprit lies within. How long will you accuse, whine and pine over some trivial matter which needs be put away forever?

Get a life. You are not that special nor do you want to be! Stop reliving old imagined injuries that do nothing but support and feed a premeditated superfluous personality. The life you are living makes you nauseas.

You are bored to tears with people ‘kissing your ass’; that’s the real problem to be dealt with. You don’t want a ‘yes’ man, you desire a genuine sparring partner. Some bona fide creature who is not afraid of you and your assidous bluffs.

One who will not take personally truths you long to voice. {the fantasies you want to experience} You are looking for authenticity and not finding it. So, out of monotony you tumble down into the depths of despair once again by creating phony drama. You are much too frightened to step out on your own recognizance in a totally new direction for fear of being discarded or disbanded or disowned for your acting out of familiar character.

In addition, to being addicted to the emotional drama involved in the fury filled scenerios. In other words, IF you really were true to yourself, you would be able to act ruthlessly authentic without fear of recourse, remorse or resentment.

The fact is: YOU are the genuineness you are looking for but you want someone else to show it to you first before you will step out. That’s the real reason you’re mad. You want someone to be REAL for you. THAT is the only matter consuming you at this time. You are a passionate sexual sensual artistic soul who longs for vital interaction and direct connection.

You desire to be set on fire! To unleash your innate fire of enthusiasm. To react unrestrainably free! 

You will have to come to terms with this one unresolved inner issue that continually shows up.

Take this little test. The next time you are drawn into a verbal confrontation which you erroneously believe will ‘make or has made you mad’, look directly into the eyes of the person addressing you, facing you, calling your attention to show up for your truth! Those eyes are yours!!!

What is it you are not saying?

Don’t react by slipping into the hypnotized zombied set of mechanical actions repeating the same old words in the same old manner; say the opposite, do the opposite. Laugh. Embrace. Show affection. Act silly, not serious. Shock yourself!

Realize you must work these things out within yourself. You can not possibly find what you are looking for by blaming the other for what you are not willing to see and act upon in yourself.

Art is demanding you to EXIST courageously.

Stop with your obnoxious foolishness which comes across as phoniness. You don’t care! You really don’t. Stop wasting so much time, effort and energy in projects that don’t interest you in the least. Follow your true established passion.

Either get sexy or get sickly. No other choice. Either get over it or get old holding on to it! Work it out through sexual activity. Artistic expression is based upon sexual energy expressed. It is sacred in nature, composition and execution!

That’s it in a nut shell. No where else will you find resolution. You will continue to have verbal emotional explosions. They are necessary to the process of your own Divine Artistic Unfoldment.

But, when the confrontations accusations, and nit picking dissentions, arise, at least be aware of yourself and conscious participation when they occur. Don’t go unconscious!!!

If you follow these esoteric instructions, you will see the self-indulged arguments become fewer and farther between. They will continue only as long as is necessary for you to recognize the issues that still lay dormant within you needing to be exploded on the outside.

Once these sexually frustrating matters are resolved, you will have no more need to waste energy, time and effort in these needless disturbing battles. You will channel the sacred sexual energy into fulfilling passionate artistic avenues of pleasure.

In order to be more receptive and clear enough to receive reverent instruction from within, you must take care of your earth body. Through proper exercise, quality nourishment in food and a sensual colorful environment (more light, more movement) you will begin to heal. With the necessary ingredients in place, unity occurs.

Harmonious relationships arise naturally when these three diamonds are in order in your life.

With committed focus, you can arrive at that sphere where the things on the outside of you will no longer bother you in the least. You will cease being plagued by the incessant need to be right, smart, funny or informed. It will be impossible for you to be embarrassed.

And, never again will the words: “He/She makes me so mad” have the same significance as they have had up until this point. “…You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” {paraphrased}

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Veiled View


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ok you freaked me out enough. Been in DBT & CBT & PILLS/SHRINKS/THERAPISTS/SPIRITUAL AND MEDITATION YOGA BLA BLA BLA Your reaching me. PTSD, bi polar borderline ocd add and hep c keep me busy added to full blown agoraphobia, cutter and anger, I am 44 oct 2 and have not yet expressed it ever. It was clear if I got angry I was ungrateful, disrespectful, asking to be punished all kinds of ways, children are not allowed to get mad, respect your elders, remember I brought you into this world........

      So very young I learned to stuff anger and never, ever get mad. Truth be known, I found it quite easy and it was borderline that helped me escape and internalize poison, is what I call it.

      I am glad you mentioned bo one can make you get mad. The only feeling I can think of that someone else puts on you is shame.

      I must revisit this tomorrow when my head is clearer but am most intrigued at your approach and theory's

      thank you


    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      They always say "the teacher will appear when the student is ready". :)

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Most things do show up when we need them. {And, most especially when we are having a hard time swallowing a pill of 'bitter experience'} Life continually offers us opportunities to see ourselves as we really are. THAT, my dear is a 3 ringed circus deal! We have so identified with the familiar face in the mirror , we actually believe the things we tell ourselves about how wonderful we are. Ha! It takes a mighty fierce bulldozer to plow down and break through the barriers of 'good' veneers we have built up to protect our polished image. So long we must walk on treacherous rugged jagged terrain slicing our feet open repeatedly until we realize that truth bears no resemblance to the 'good' we try to project! We fight ourselves in vain! Others just make it convenient for us to act out our dissatisfaction and impatience. We have such ingrained ideas about things [and how they should or should not be] which prevent us from getting free from our own self-inflicted bondage. That's another prickly source of our insecurities in relationships. In stead of relating, we end trying to possess the other in hopes it will make us feel more secure. Wrong!

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      It is difficult to look at someone who does something you hate (such as lying or cheating, etc) and to find out how that relates to you when you don't consider yourself a liar or cheater. Most stop looking at that point. But, you really do have to look beyond that. There is something there that is similar to what you ARE doing. You are lying to yourself or cheating yourself out of something. I have some reoccuring issues that it's almost comical when they reappear because I immediately notice it being the same song, second verse, but have to remind myself that this will not keep popping up in my experience until I fix whatever it is that is the issue within me.

      Thank you for listening to my babble. LOL

      This hub really has come at an opportune time for me.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      KCC Big Country,

      Isn't it written somewhere that IF we can master our anger, we can rule a city? It takes a lifetime of working at becoming aware of who we are really looking at. We get fooled because the face 'seems' to belong to the other. Ha! How easily we are deceived! Laughing works wonders when we tend to get so personal and dramatic in our little defensively staged shows. Oh. The length and depth we are willing to go in order to avoid our faces in disgusie is mind bobbling. I join with you in the relentless pursuit of weeding out the false which so easily besets us. Thank you for the insight.

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      You are absolutely correct, Paula. It is just easier to slip into autopilot when those triggers arise. I take note when the same type of situation keeps reappearing. I know there is an unresolved issue there somewhere. I know the issue is mine to resolve. It just takes a little investigative work. Everyone hears the saying about how others just mirror back the things in you that you like or dislike, but they rarely sit down and really think about the implications of that.

      Great hub, Paula!


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