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what are all the reasons of premature graying

Updated on August 1, 2012

Graying of hair is one of the most serious beauty issues that comes to youngsters and these days a lot of youngsters are facing the issues of premature graying of hair. The graying of hair makes you look old and also takes the charm off your face it comes earlier in your life. It also forces a sense of inferiority complex in the minds of youngsters.

For those having black hairs, the graying is visible easily while for those having brownish or other hair colors, the graying would not be visible too much. These days we can see a lot of youngsters with premature graying of hair and this may be due to various reasons and the current lifestyle is also to be blamed for that.

You cannot get back to the old color of your hair once it gets gray, but you can prevent your hairs from graying. There are many scientific and common reasons which leads to the premature graying of hair and here I would like list few of the common reasons that leads to premature graying of hair.

1) Lack of Application of Oil
The new generation is really reluctant when it comes to application of natural oil on hair. The best oils that can be applied on hair are mustard oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc. The regular use of natural oils on hair really prevents the premature graying of hair and that is one of the major reason why the younger generation are facing the issues of premature graying of hair.

2) Excessive Use of Shampoos
The extensive use of shampoos can make you hair turn gray in your early age, as most of the shampoos contain chemicals. It is better to apply shampoos once in a week, rather than using it every day.

3) Use of Hair Creams
The hair creams and its usage are one of the major reasons of premature hair graying and all the hair creams are made of chemicals which will create a bad effect on the hair while applying. This will in turn makes the hair gray prematurely and it is advised to use natural hair oils instead of hair creams.

4) Application of Polluted and Chlorinated Water.
The quality of water especially in the urban areas are really contaminated or chlorinated and using such waters on hair can really be a major reason for premature graying of your hair. It is better to use water from natural resources such as well, river etc, but in the urban areas it is practically impossible.

5) Hereditary Factors
Hereditary factors are also one of the major reasons for premature graying and nothing can be done in this case. The only thing that one can do is to prevent the rate of hair graying by taking certain precautions.

6) Extensive Tensions
Youngsters these days are under extensive pressure due to various reasons and the extensive tensions are considered to be another major reason for the premature graying of hair.

7) Extensive Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
Alcohol and tobacco are another root cause of hair graying and youngster with the habit of extensive usage of alcohol and tobacco are seen to have premature grayed hair when compared with those who do not use alcohol and tobacco. Since majority of the youngsters are addicted to alcohol and tobacco, they are seen with gray hairs.

8) Bad Food Habits
The habit of taking fast food and badly cooked food also leads to premature graying of hair. It is always better to have food that is prepared at home in the good ways.


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    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 5 years ago from India

      @ajmoon That is a question which is beyond my reach and which can be answered by a hair care specialist... :)

    • profile image

      ajmoon 5 years ago

      What do you think is the underlying nutritional deficiency that is causing premature graying?