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How To Make The Right Decisions In Our Dangerous New World

Updated on October 25, 2010

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Our Own

Most Decisions Are Actions Taken In Confusion

I’ve been on board planet earth for sixty-nine years and been a psychotherapist for almost forty of those, and I can tell you that, more often than not, making decisions is really taking action in a confused state of mind. When we are pressured by some force to do something, we often make the best choice we can in order to satisfy another or to make ourselves feel better that we took some kind of action. The decision or action, no matter how incompetent, at least temporarily relieves the dilemma of doing nothing and the accompanying feelings of confusion and fear.

Of course, there is always the method of making decisions by using a pros and cons sheet, where we list all the reasons why we should or should not do something. Unfortunately, this is helpful only to a point; that point being the limit of our rational mind to know all of the pros and cons. Our thinking mind is limited to those pros and cons it is aware of that are part of our conscious memory or someone else’s.

We Are Not Playing With A Full Deck

Unfortunately, we are not playing with a full deck, so to speak. Most of us are only using a limited part of our mind, the rational, analytical part; so we are limited to the knowledge that part gives us. The most important part of our mind, the creative mind, is buried beneath the twelve lanes of rush-hour traffic of useless and dangerous thoughts in our heads that are produced by over thinking. Most people are not even aware that their minds have been accidentally programmed, over the last thousand years at least by the incessant advance of science and technology, to use only a relatively small and unimportant part of their mind. So, when we desperately need to use our creative mind to give us new answers to new questions and problems for making decisions, we are not even aware that we cannot access it, because it is being drowned out by the incessant and inane chatter of the thinking brain.

How does that affect making decisions? The rational brain can only solve problems it already has the answers to in our memories or libraries. It cannot give us answers to new problems and questions that arise every day in our lives. Personal and interpersonal problems that are constantly changing by the hour can never be solved by our thinking brain, because it has never experienced them before. But, because we have been programmed to believe that our rational, thinking brain is the only one we have, we keep trying to use it to do what it was never meant to do. Thus, there is tremendous frustration due to the inability to accurately and quickly solve problems and make decisions.

When Answers Are Obvious, Decisions Are Unnecessary

The answer to this dilemma of making decisions lies in a new mind that we all have that has every personal answer we will ever need, in real time, as we walk through our days. We desperately need to use our whole mind to survive and thrive in our new, crazy world. The good news is that that there is a way to balance our brain and integrate our mind so that we can use our whole mind. Once this is accomplished, making decisions becomes obsolete, because the creative brain will present us with such a clear picture of what needs to be done that is so obvious that we just do it. When the answer is obvious, no decision is necessary.

The challenge of using our whole mind is that often we do not want to see what is obvious, because we don’t like what we see; so, we would rather remain confused and not responsible by either making no decision or the wrong one. However, if you are not one of those who want to remain in confusion and obfuscation, the answer is simple and available on Hubpages. Come join those who are advancing to a new level of of living by consciously evolving who we are by using our whole mind and the new level of confidence, safety, health and happiness it gives us.Then making decisions becomes obsolete.

©2010, sgscalese


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