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Mastering Longevity - Vitamins

Updated on March 13, 2011
Vitamin C, regardless of all of the excessive hype, is still good for you.
Vitamin C, regardless of all of the excessive hype, is still good for you.

Why vitamins are important

I love watching Big Bang Theory and one of those episodes we learn that Penny takes vitamins. In the following statement Sheldon ridicules her choice of a multivitamin:

Sheldon: Well, there’s some value to taking a multivitamin, but the human body can only absorb so much, what you’re buying here are the ingredients for very expensive urine.

I am going to give Sheldon the benefit of doubt. The fact is that any multivitamin is going to help most people. Most people do not have a perfectly balanced diet. Also, most people avoid sunlight due to skin cancer worries, resulting in deficient vitamin D levels. Maybe Sheldon realized that a different multivitamin would provide the same benefits but at a much lower cost.

As we age, we lose some of our ability to digest and absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Adding a multivitamin will compensate for that loss of nutrients.

An inexpensive multivitamin only costs a few pennies per day. Even if taking a multivitamin only adds a year or two to your life, it is definitely worth this low cost. At 6 cents per day, taking a multivitamin for fifty years, would still cost barely over a thousand dollars. Most people spend more on junk food in a single year than that amount.

Make sure you get a reputable brand like Centrum. In the past there have been problems with lead contaminates in many brands. Lead has all sorts of harmful effects and is something you absolutely do not want in your multivitamin. Another reason for you to choose Centrum is due to the addition of essential minerals.

Live long and prosper


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  • Pente profile image

    Pente 6 years ago from Planet Earth

    Thank you for the great comment!

  • Crewman6 profile image

    Crewman6 6 years ago

    Great article; I loved that you used Big Bang as a reference point... and had to raise my hand in salute at the "Live long and prosper". I love it when somebody writes well, about something useful and interesting, and in a witty fashion. You just did it all.