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Medical Spas in Singapore

Updated on May 1, 2010
Courtesy of Divine Medical Spa, Singapore
Courtesy of Divine Medical Spa, Singapore

What is a Medical Spa?

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what it is until a friend of mine invited me to one. How medical can a spa be, with the knowledge that spas often equate with massages and pampering of the body. It is interesting to know that a medical spa offers a full range of medical-grade aesthetic services and complementary energy healing modalities under one roof.



Evolution of Traditional Spas to Medical Spas

SPA is an acronym for various terms in Latin. "Sanus Per Aquam" which means health by or through water. "Solus Per Aqua" - enter by means of water. "Salut Per Aqua" - health or relaxation through water. SPAs were popular among the wealthy during the ancient Roman and Greek times. Today Spas have evolved with inclusion of massages (javanese, balinese, ayuverdic, japanese, swedish, thai). With Medical Spa being introduced, slimming, health matters are being addressed. They have become more affordable and available to most people.

Having a feeling of what Pedicure is all about at Divine Medical Spa
Having a feeling of what Pedicure is all about at Divine Medical Spa
Pampering myself with a KLAPP Gold Chakra Massage on my arms.
Pampering myself with a KLAPP Gold Chakra Massage on my arms.

Services offered at Medical Spas

The Divine Medical Spa which I know has the Aesthetic, Holistic and Spa divisions. This gives a full range of services.

Aesthetic Division - the provision of aesthetic care with non-invasive medical-grade technology. Delivering immediate, long-lasting results, and can be further enhanced for maximum effect by repeated sessions. They specialise in non-surgical face-lifting, rejuvenation, acne control, skin whitening, slimming, cellulite reduction, permanent hair removal. Offered too is the post-liposuction treatments for patients whose doctors do not provide services to reduce swelling and aid skin firming after their surgery.

Holistic Division - features a comprehensive range of complementary energy healing modalities, aiming to deliver wellness at the next level... Reiki and Jin Shin Shiyutsu.

Spa Division - offers therapeutic facials, relaxing massages and pampering body rituals. You can also experience the premium Perron Rigot Strip & Non-Strip waxes which eliminates and reduces the incidence of ingrowing hairs. Pamper yourself too with manicures and pedicures.

Medical SPAs are for Men too

I never thought of myself entering into an aesthetic kind of Spa. Traditionally thinking that it is all for women only. To enter one and enjoying the pedicure and then the Klapp Gold Chakra Massage with 24 carat gold leaves rubbed into the skin (the gold leaf flakes just dissolved into my skin).... set me thinking again. Can a man pamper himself with things that ladies enjoy too? Why not! Man too have a body that needs to be relieved of stress, one that needs rejuvenation, and needs to be kept healthy. Wow! A new dimension indeed! Hopefully I do not need the liposuction services they provide. Better maintain my body mass naturally.


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