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Meditation on Twin Hearts With Self-Pranic Healing CD Blesses People and Planet

Updated on October 6, 2018

Pranic Healing and Meditation

Pranic Healing utilizes prana or life force energy to rebalance and heal the mind, body and spirit. Master Choa Kok Sui’s “Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing” CD is an advanced meditation technique that is described as “an instrument of world service by blessing the earth with peace, loving-kindness, joy and goodwill” and is aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. “In this meditation, you become an instrument of divine blessing to planet earth, humanity and loved ones.”

This meditation is a great choice for maintaining inner peace and well-being, and helping to heal the earth and harmonize relationships globally. I purchased the CD at a Basic Pranic Healing Course I completed and use it as a part of my spiritual practice.

Exercise and Prayer

Before the meditation begins, you are guided through the following 12 count, easy full-body exercises to help prepare the body for the down pouring of divine energy: eye rotations, neck turns and bends, arm swings, waist twists, hip rotations, gentle squats, bend and stretches, knee rotations, and feet rotations and bends. These exercises are done before and after the meditation to condition your physical and energy body.

The "Meditation on Twin Hearts" begins with an invocation of protection, love, healing and illumination. Hands are lifted to chest level with palms faced outward to direct divine energy of light, love, peace, joy, forgiveness, hope, faith and all things good to the planet earth, visualized as a small ball in front of you. The energy is channeled through the heart and crown chakras (energy centers in the body).

Healing Self & Loved Ones

After blessings are disbursed to the world-at-large, the physical healing of self and loved ones begins with the Self-Pranic Healing track. During this meditation, you are visualizing bright, liquid white light pouring down through the crown of your head and filling up every area, organ and cell of your body until it is released through your feet into the earth.

The "Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing" fosters mindfulness of others in the world, generating a global sense of service and love, in addition to centering oneself in alignment with God to affirm wellness in the body.

Pranic Healing News Story


The "Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing" is not recommended for the following persons:

  • Persons below 16 years old
  • Patients with severe heart ailment and hypertension
  • Pregnant women
  • Heavy smokers
  • Heavy meat eaters (particularly pork)

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U


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