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Mercury and Candida

Updated on December 30, 2015

Mercury Candida Connection?

Mercury Candida connection?
Mercury Candida connection?

Mercury and heavy metals that enter your body can sometimes show the same symptoms as a yeast infection (and men aren't immune to either)so it is worth getting tested for this if the yeast infection hangs on despite following doctor's orders or some natural yeast infection treatment.

Iron and copper do provide some use and benefits to the body but the metal toxins arsenic, mercury and lead and cadmium have not been demonstrated to be useful in any way. If you ingest enough of these toxins at one time, it can result in acute toxicity. Toxicity however is most of often of the chronic kind:we are exposed to these toxic elements from our environment .

How do I get exposed to mercury and heavy metal toxins?

Well-you can be exposed to mercury and heavy metal toxins from everywhere is the short answer. These can be found in products women use to color their hair to the silver amalgam fillings beloved of dentists in the last few decades. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to admit recently that mercury in dental fillings can be linked to ill-health in women and children-see the link by Dr Mercola. Regrettably our food, water and even the air we breathe are contaminated by toxins such as arsenic and mercury. Toxins can also come from chemicals such as insecticides, solvents and pesticides from spraying on farms and in greenhouses.

What are the Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning?

Doctors usually resort to blood tests to detect acute poisoning. Chronic toxicity is far more common. A hair mineral test or a "urine challenge test" are most often used to determine if you have this problem. A heavy metal detox product,which we recommend (follow the link at the end of this article), has a quick quiz you can freely take to determine general toxicity. So our advice is to go there. For those who do not wish to buy anything we give some basic guidelines below for a mercury detox (again it is best to follow these along with help from your natural health or health professional):

Mercury Poisoning Story

Preparing for Heavy Metal Detoxification

The first thing to be done is to do do colon cleansing so that one is able to do two bowel movements a day. You want to ensure the liver and lymph system are ready to do their job and that the mercury will not be re-absorbed. It is advisable to take a combined colon and parasite cleanse, whilst taking a probiotic. The probiotics are good for keeping one regular, and are also of benefit after the cleanse. It is well-known that clean, fresh water is a valuable part of any detoxification or cleansing program,so during the day drink lots of it at intervals whilst detoxing. Bringing on a sweat after regular exercise also assists the body in ridding it of toxins.

Yeast infection diet

It is important to follow a yeast infection diet whilst doing this, and not forgetting to supplement with vitamins.

You can find out more here about chronic yeast infections and mercury poisoning.

Yeast Infection Diet
Yeast Infection Diet | Source


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