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Increase Bone Density and Prevent Osteoporosis

Updated on July 11, 2012

Osteoporosis is a disease which reduces bone density. It increases the chances of bone fracture. There are several methods to increase bone density. Osteoporosis occurs in most of the post menopausal women. About 80% of the older men also suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis does not show any symptoms as it occurs gradually. There are several methods to increase bone density.

Foods to Improve Bone Density

To increase bone density magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, potassium and calcium are needed. The recommended daily intake of calcium is 1000mg. But in case of people suffering from osteoporosis it can be increased to 1500mg. Diary foods like milk and yogurt have calcium in abundance. Onion, apple, cucumber, honey and raw cabbage contain silicon. Silicon promotes the formation of bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Prunes increase bone density. They contain a fiber called inulin, which helps to strengthen the bones. It can prevent the onset of arthritis.

Banana contains potassium. It also contains an electrolyte which prevents the loss of calcium. This helps to maintain bone density.

Broccoli contains phosphorous, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Certain other vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts also have the same qualities. All these help to increase bone density and overall skeletal strength.

Some foods that are rich in minerals like coconut water, spinach, raisins, potatoes and whole grains have to be eaten regularly. Foods that contain Vitamin D that can help to improve bone density are salmon, tuna, cod liver and eggs.


Exercise helps to improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Exercise provides stimulation to the bone building cells to increase the mass of the bones and make them stronger. This is especially true in case of older people. Walking in an important exercise to improve bone density. But walking itself may not be sufficient. Swimming and biking are also excellent exercises. Weight bearing exercises may be necessary if you have osteoporosis. They are highly effective and strengthen the bones. You have to learn, how to lift weights properly from a trainer. If your bones are weak then some of these exercises may cause stress fracture. So before starting check with the health-care provider what exercises are good for you.

Working in the garden shoveling snow, and lifting dry leaf bags can also provide very good exercise. Gardening is an excellent hobby to keep you strong and prevent osteoporosis.

Muscle atrophy picks up after you reach the age of 50. So strength straining is absolutely essential for people of over 50 years to prevent osteoporosis.


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