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Moments of Silence are Necessary to clear the Mind

Updated on August 30, 2017

A Mind Filled With Peacefulness


Place Positive Thoughts Within the Mind

Positive thinking is a great way to release stress. There has to be time set aside in order to clear the mind. Dealing with so many matters can cause the mind to become consumed with overthinking and cause the mind to weaken. Meditating is an awesome way to settle down. Allow the mind to incur the positives because we all know that there is a lot of negativity within the world. Removals are necessary. Don't allow what occurs to weight the mind and body down. Allow the time to just sit and relax and ponder on the good aspects of life. Not every person will be in a position to do what is necessary to keep the mind healthy. There's a lot that will need our attention but not taking the time out can create great suffering. "Don't be so in tuned with the outside because being mentally healthy is very important." (Tanikka Paulk)

Listening to Soothing Music Helps

There are so many ways to keep calm but one sure way is music. Imagine what it would be like without the melodies. Not easily imagined of course. There's a lot of great music to listen to. Just sitting back and listening to the favorites is a great way to tune out all of the disturbances of the world. There's quality in some of the instrumentals whether on the radio or online. It's better to allow the mind to be at peace and not be consumed with what's apart of the world. Listening to music is no different than meditating. A form of meditation which can clear all those blues away. "Don't be troubled by the problems whether in or around the world"(Tanikka Paulk). By doing so there will certainly be pressure which should be avoided.

Music Releasing Some of the Pressure


Meditation and the Benefits

Meditating can generate better health. Taking even a couple of minuets out the day to just gather thoughts will help. There should be releases of pressures which can occur when dealing with home "life" or what goes on on the outside. Of course no person should become worried with what occurs in the world but there will be times when we're focused on some of the occurrences that take place within society. Meditating by reading, praying, or just sitting and pondering on life events can certainly generate peacefulness. Not all will enjoy the pleasures of peace because they've allowed what occurs on the outside to cause disturbances.

"Soothing Song for Enjoyment"

"No Need to be Consumed With What We're Unable to Change"

Can't the change the behaviors and can't change the way some will think. Of course we can try to encourage change but there will be times when some will decide to become disorderly can when they do. It's best to find ways to relieve the stress. Positive ways that is. Perhaps there should be some thoughts about changing our own thinking. To think on a positive level will help deal with the personalities. There has to be a way to create calmness. The disturbances shouldn't cause the mind to become riddled with junk. Let's face it, there are so many who will try to cause a lot of havoc, and finding a way to deal with such problems will help find the peace that we all should be "seeking."

Painting and Discovering Many Crafts Will Help Generate Some Peace

Finding the peace is important. There are so many ways to obtain the peace which is necessary in order to live productively. Some are unable to function because they haven't found the peace needed and peace should be wanted. There can be a lot of destruction within society so we must try to live peacefully. Engaging in art will help put a mind to ease. Perhaps finding what offers the best rewards. Some may choose to go outside of the home and engage in an art class. Whatever one chooses. "The persons should make sure that they're doing what they love and having fun doing it. Jokes." (Tanikka Paulk)

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Writers should find ways to escape the madness which can occur at anytime and especially if they'[re working online. So taking time to read or just engaging in peace will help keep the creativity and help put the mind at ease. "Love my Life and Will Continue to Write and Find Peaceful Moments." (Tanikka Paulk)


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    • JSaxton profile image

      JSaxton 6 months ago

      Great article! I appreciate you adding a video with a soothing song for others to enjoy.