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Body Building Workout for Fast Muscle Gain

Updated on April 12, 2015

Why You Need Muscle Building Workout ?

If you are going to gym from long time, taking protein shake after the workout and eating well and still not gaining muscular body like all those hunks in the gym then there is something wrong besides your genes. Many of us have genes that prevent us to be muscular like we dream. There are other things to keep in mind besides gene those prevents you to be muscular. Things like bad diet, not enough sleep, stressful daily life and wrong workout plan. All these can affect your body in a negative way and not letting your body to gain muscles. You also need to co correct exercises on the right day. For example, you can not do chest, back and legs exercise in a day and wish to recover soon so you can come back the next day. You can not gain muscles if you just go to gym and do whatever exercise you think or whatever machine you find free. You have to go with a proper plan. When you go to gym you should already have decided what exercises you are going to do.

Here in this article we are going to discuss what is a body building workout and why you need it. I also have put together a good workout plan that can help you get your results more faster. Let's start.

What is the best Compound Exercise ?

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What is a Muscle Building Workout ?

Muscle Building Workout is a workout that stimulates all larger body parts in a correct way. It comprise of exercises those stimulate your body and then give them rest to grow bigger. Such workout consists compound exercises mainly with some mix up of isolation exercises. Compound exercises are bread and butter exercises for building huge muscles and mass. Compound exercises stimulates large muscles of our body such as Chest, Thighs and Back. It is important to exercise those muscle groups and then give them enough rest. Bench press, Dips, Squats, Dead lifts, Shoulder military press and pull ups are some of the compound exercises those are necessary in such workout.

Chiseled Ripped and Masculine

Body Building Workout

As I mentioned earlier, a good workout is a mixture of compound exercises and isolation exercises. A good workout usually provides intense exercise to one body part and then let them rest for at least 2 days to recover and grow.

Plan your workout in such a way that it put together similar muscle groups in a daily exercise so it can get maximum intense exercise as well maximum rest. For example, Chest and triceps are in one group. Whenever you push, your chest and triceps both gets stimulated. So your triceps gets exercise when you do bench press or any other chest exercise. So it is a good idea to complete triceps exercise with Chest exercise.

In the same way, Back and biceps are in same groups. Whenever you pull, your back and biceps both gets stimulated. So we can comprise back and biceps exercises in one day.

Moreover, Triceps and biceps are in small groups. Biceps and triceps already get exercise when you do back and chest exercises respectively. So we just need to add one or two isolation exercise to define biceps and triceps shape.

Here are some muscle body workout example :

Monday : Chest and Triceps

Tuesday : Back and Biceps

Wednesday : Light Cardio exercises

Thursday : Shoulders and Forearms

Friday : Legs and Calves

Saturday : Rest

Sunday : Rest

Sample Muscle Building Workout Plan

Chest, Triceps
Back, Biceps
Cardio, Rest
Shoulders, Forearms
Legs, Calves

Some Tips to be Masculine and Grow Mass

  • If you are a beginner, concentrate on compound exercises such as bench press, squats, shoulder press and dead lifts. You do not need to waste time on isolation exercise. You need big body and mass before you start defining them.
  • Isolation exercise are great to define body if you are already big and having good mass. Isolation exercises is good for biceps, triceps and forearms.

Muscle Building Workout Exercises

Earlier I mentioned the effective muscle building workout plan. Now I am going to show what are some more effective exercise.

As you know there are two types of exercise: Compound and isolation.

Compound exercises such as bench press, squats, dead lifts are good for large muscle groups and they stimulate larger part of our body. Compound exercise is good for beginners to grow mass faster.

Isolation exercises are meant to stimulate small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, forearms and calves. They are useful to define the proper shape of those body parts.

So here are some exercise you can include in your workout plan:

Chest : Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Push ups and Dumbbell fly

Back : Pull ups/Chin ups, Seated row, Lat pull down

Shoulder: Military shoulder press, Upright row

Triceps: Triceps dips, Triceps extension

Biceps: Concentration curls, barbell curls

Thighs : Squats, Leg press

Calves: Lunges, calf raise

Rest is an Important Part in your Workout

Rest is a very important part of your workout plan. Remember, you gain muscle when you rest not when you pumping the iron in the gym. When you workout, your muscles start to get stress and then need to recover and repair themselves. This recovery can be possible in rest periods in workout schedule. Our body usually needs 24-48 hours recovery time. Recovery time depends and vary on body type, workout level and intensity. So do not follow those big hunks who exercise daily or sometimes twice a day. Their body are already established and they can recover easily. If you are a beginner you need more time to rest and let your body recover. If you go to gym sore, you can not do exercise with your 100%. This will not help to achieve your goals. So work hard and rest as much as possible. I kept 3 days as rest days in my workout plan.


In a summary, if you want to grew big and masculine, compound exercise, rest and nutrient pack food is the answer. Do not burn your body with excessive exercise. You cannot excuse genes but your lazy attitudes if you are not growing big. So stop excusing and hit the gym. All the best.


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