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Top 10 Things Doctors Don't Want You to Know

Updated on April 12, 2020

1. Good Insurance Doesn't Necessary Provides The Best Treatment

Doctors do not create any disparity in giving treatment to patients with different insurance companies. Doctors know very well that good insurance does not necessarily assure you to provide the best insurance. Better and expensive insurance can let you give more access to medical care. With the best insurance, you may have access to better medical access but it may give you dangerous exposure. Unnecessary treatment is bad for the individual as well it creates extra cost for the health care system.

2. Doctors do Not Know Everything

That is true. Doctors are specialists in their department but that does not necessarily mean they know everything. Doctors have vast experience in many different types of cases as they do practice but your case may be new for the doctor. Everyone has a different body type and you may be in a condition that the doctor did not practice earlier.

3. CPR Failure Rate is Much Higher

CPR is a short form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR used to give shock treatment but according to many major studies, the CPR failure rate is more than 90%. Most people who receive CPR are already dead and you cannot change it. Some people benefited from CPR because they are not dead yet and so CPR can create an electrical spark known as ventricular fibrillation.

4. Many Surgeries Are Not Necessary

Many of us go through surgeries now and then. We go through surgeries for small things such as back pain to large diseases. Doctors know that many surgeries are not necessary and it can be cured by medicines or some changes in lifestyle. For example, back pain can be cured by a healthy lifestyle and some changes in posture. Science provides no solution that occurs from bad standing, sitting and sleeping habits. There are many small things like these and surgeries can be avoided.

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5. Your Body Don't Need Medicines Always

The human body had it is own immune system. The human immune system is completely capable to fight from all disease types, ranging from normal cold virus to dangerous cancer cell. It is good if we can detect a major decease earlier and start treating it. On the other hand, you do not need to take medicines for small things like seasonal cold or headache that occurred from the hangover.

6. Medicine Will be Bad For Your Body

This is true especially in the case of antibiotics. Antibiotics are strong intense both for your pain and your body. It may give you temporary relief but it gives very bad side effects to your body. People want to get antibiotics just because it is strong and gives fast results. Remember, antibiotics are good for bacterial infection only and not for anything else. If you have a viral infection, you should not take antibiotics. It may work against your body and give some bad side effects.

7. Doctors Need Rest Too

Doctors are considered as God on the earth, but they are a human beings. Doctors work long hours and many times they may be under stress. A doctor will not tell you that he or she is working long hours and really tired. Although they try their best to treat patients well, it may show in their routine that they are tired and need rest.

8. They Want to Re-test

Doctors will not tell you certain things unless they are pretty sure about it. So, doctors want to re-test just to make sure. Doctors can mostly predict about a patient and the diagnosis based on their prior experience. So most doctors may or may not know about what happened to you even before the test results came in. But they will not tell you upfront unless they are sure and you may need medical care immediately.

9. Doctors Try Their Best to Not Mix Patients

Doctors have many patients and because of all the patients come from one geographic area, they tend to mix with each other easily. This is more true for countries which have one group of people in the majority. For example, India has Indians and China have Chinese. So doctors have to work hard to remember you, your symptoms and diagnosis.

10. Doctors Are Human

Yes, Doctors are human and they have their own personal life. We never think about those aspects and want doctors whenever we want. It is true that as a doctor, it is their duty to treat patients but we also have to keep in mind that they are normal people just like all of us. It is obvious they also feel the same sadness, happiness, anger, and stress as we all do. Understand it and respect it.


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