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Music Therapy In Cancer Treatment

Updated on May 10, 2018

Music seems to have extraordinary magical powers. It has been known to tame wild beasts, make babies smarter, set a romantic mood and energize one to work out longer and with more intensity. It is used as an alternative medicine to gain both physical and mental healing and wellness. People with cancer often try alternative treatments. In addition to activity and diet, relaxation therapies like music also help in managing and healing cancer. They are fairly inexpensive too and provide a sense of well being by lifting one's spirits.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an experimental creative therapy. It uses around vibrations in a different manner to provoke a reaction from the patient. In addition, it relaxes the patient and reduces stress and anxiety. In cancer, certain aspects of this therapy can help to treat the disease or complications arising from the disease. The therapy involves either making or listening to music. Music contributes to vascular and heart health; it induces a blissful feeling amongst the participants in this therapy.

Uses Of Music Therapy In Cancer Treatment

Pain is a serious problem amongst cancer patients. In many cases, it is persistent no matter what treatment or medicine is used. Music has been helpful in easing off the pain. It distracts a person's attention to a pleasant and creative activity. It causes the body to release endorphins, hormones that counteract pain. It gives patients a sense of control and it relaxes them by slowing breathing and heartbeat.

Music therapy has been in use in the healthcare field for many decades. Music therapists have used audio stimulation to improve the mental and physical health of seniors with cancer. Qualified therapists use music therapy to alleviate anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem, promote physical activities which help in connecting seniors with earlier life events and to maintain other physical and mental health.

Music therapists design and implement programs to meet the needs of their patients. They use certain meditation music to ascertain favorable expressions from the individual patient. Therapists continue to evaluate their client's progress over time to determine effectiveness and may modify their approach to improve their outcome.

Programs have proven beneficial when therapists involve their clients in the musical experience. Seniors may be asked to list their favorite songs to listen to, write and sing songs, play an instrument, dance or move to music and discuss their feelings with the therapist about their session. These therapy sessions are also modeled to promote memory and concentration, improve social interaction, influence emotions, regulate pain and to provide a sense of security for the individual client.

Other Benefits Of Music Therapy

Clinical research has shown that music can improve respiration, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and stress and anxiety. Although research is still on in this field, music definitely is proving to calm patients and relieve stress and anxiety and thereby promote well being.

Studies have concluded that music therapy is an effective intervention in improving the recovery process in most seniors with Cancer. The therapeutic use of music by a trained professional assist the elderly with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Music has given seniors a more active role in maintaining a social relationship with others while inspiring their cognitive talents.


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