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My Back Hurts...Here's All The Lower Back Pain Causes in Women and Men

Updated on November 5, 2011

My Back Hurts...Here's All The Lower Back Pain Causes in Women and Men

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The world is great until your lower back starts acting up. It can leave you wanting to stay in the same position for days. Why did this lower back pain happen? Maybe you had a lower back injury from lifting weights. It could also be like this for you: When you start coughing, back hurts immediately. If you suffer from the coughing and back hurts situation, know it is a bad sign. Probably you find yourself saying, "My back hurts when I breathe". Note that if your back hurts when breathing, you should see your doctor right away. Breathing should not cause your back to hurt. Anyway, maybe you fell and now squander for information on "lower back injury from fall" all over the internet and libraries. Maybe the pain is directed to a specific location like, your lower left back hurts or your lower right back hurts.... Your lower lower left back hurts on the right side.... Nevertheless, this little episode has interfered with completing that task. What are the lower back pain causes? Is it in my genes? Was it because of a past accident? What can I do to prevent further complications with my back? Don`t get crazy now and spend millions on lower back laser surgery--although lower back laser surgery may be your answer.... Anyway, try my first step, which would be learning all the lower back pain causes. Study this list and learn how to save your back now. Say bye bye to lower back stress today!

The Lower Back Pain Causes in Women and Men (The Back Pain Cause...):

  • Picking up heavy items (Quick solution: Pick up your lower back brace for women and men at your local pharmacy)-- One of the common lower back pain causes happen in the work place--you probably heard about the "lower back injury from lifting" warnings given by most supervisors. Anyway, it usually take place when the individual decides to pick up any item without transferring the weight to his legs for the lift. For example, one should pick up an item by squatting first, grabbing the item and pushing with the legs to the upright position. People tend to pick up items without squatting first, which means they are using their lower back. The overuse of the lower back causes future back problems. Therefore, try picking up items with your legs if you want to avoid back problems. Also, you should consider getting some type of lower back belt support to help when lifting items. A lower back brace for women and men is available at your local pharmacy--just ask the guy or girl at the counter for help finding it. A lower back belt support might be the answer to fixing your back issues.
  • Not enough exercise -- The back is a large part of your body. Because of its size, it has a large area of muscle mass. Like any other muscle in your body, it need to be worked out. If you decided to leave your back without any exercise, it will become weak and can be very prone to back problems. Therefore, it is a good idea to perform lower back exercises at least once a week. These exercises can include lower back raises or dead lifts. Make sure you learn how to do these exercises properly because the incorrect performance of these moves can damage the back.
  • Too much exercise (avoid hearing the lower back popping sound) -- You are probably one of those people that like to workout 7 days a week. That is absolutely amazing. There are very few people that love to exercise to that extent. The sad thing is that the over exercise can be a probable cause to your lower back pain. It is possible to have over exhausted you back muscle by picking up heavy weights too often. You would think otherwise, but it makes sense. Try running for 11 hours straight and tell me that your legs don't feel like they are falling off...for the next five days. The same applies for the lower back. Solution: try working out 3 to 5 times a week. This can lighten the blow to your body and can reduce your lower back pain. Also, some people get to the point where they workout so much that they hear a lower back popping sound--if you hear a lower back popping sound, go to ER right away because you probably done heavy damage to your back!
  • Poor posture (get your lower back chair support) -- As a child you probably heard one of your parents say, "Stand up straight," or "Stop slouching." Well, you should have listened to your parents. Improper posture can cause lower back pain. The constant curvature of your spine puts a lot of pressure on the lower back region. The continuity of this back situation can lead to back pain. Therefore, stand up straight and save your back. You can practice standing straight by placing an item on your head and trying to walk without it falling off. Remember this too: Lower back support for office chair. That`s right there are lower back support for office chair devices that will fix your posture while sitting. No more complaining, "My back hurts when I sit!" Hey, I`m using lower back chair support right now.
  • Pinched nerve in lower back -- The pain that you are experiencing in your lower back could be associated to a pinched nerve. Pinched nerves in your lower back can happen due to incorrect compression on that nerve which later affects its overall performance. Anyway, that is pinched nerve in lower back treatment options (Simply ask your health care provider about pinched nerve in lower back treatment plans and he or she should be willing to help you out.). This can probably get you on your way to having more of a pain free life.
  • Degenerating disc in lower back (Known as "degenerated disc in lower back") -- You should ask your doctor. Degenerating disc in lower back problems are sometimes the root issue period. If you can find and fix this you should be on your way to back that is free of pain. But remember to go ask the professional about all the information on degenerated disc in lower back causes and solutions.
  • Bulging disc in the lower back -- You might also have a bulging disc in the lower back region. This is where you might want to go in for bulging disc lower back treatment (also known as bulged disc in lower back treatment). After your doctor provides you with bulging disk lower back treatment you will see a world of a difference in your everyday life. Again, go to Mr. Doctor for the answers.
  • Compressed disc in lower back -- There may be too much pressure in your spine or you might have unusual health problems. These can both cause you to have compressed disk lower back pain. To find a potential answer, ask your doctor right away about this issue.
  • Torn disc in lower back -- Worst than the other problems that are associated with lower back pain, you might the a torn disc in lower back problem. This can happen naturally over time because of age or due to strenuous activities. Anyway, ask your doctor about solutions to your probable torn disc in lower back.
  • Pulled muscle in lower back -- You may just have a pulled muscle in lower back problem. This is a situation that you just have to wait out. Take some pain medication and hold in there. It will eventually go away.
  • Sleeping in an awkward position -- This is very similar to the previous "poor posture" idea, but in the lying down position. To prevent the back pain try sleeping on your back. Also, try buying a mattress that can support the spine. You should consider a mattress that is firm.
  • Uneven length of your legs -- Some people have one shorter leg than the other. This length deficiency can cause massive problems with your back. The pelvis is shifted into an un-leveled position that puts a lot of pressure on the lower back. This is where the pain happens. The solution is to talk to your podiatrist to help you with shoes that will level out your pelvis.
  • Back stress (Back pain that comes from stress) -- Some people get stressed out due to many different pressing situations in life. Those situation, although are activated mentally, can pay its toll on you physically. This physical signs of stress can be anything from a simple headache to a full blown back spasm. Back stress is common and should be something that you should consider when talking to your doctor.
  • Back spasm -- Maybe the pain you feel is due to a rare back spasm. Back spasm occur when unusual activity happens with your nerves. If you are having back spasms know someone that has spasms in the back, don't worry. It should go away over time. Also know that there are many different back spasms treatments out there. Ask your doctor....

These were all the lower back pain causes in women and men. Most curing ideas were anywhere from getting a lower back brace for women and men to getting bulged disc in lower back treatment from your doctor. Now that you know about these problems, you can make the appropriate corrections and live a pain free lifestyle. Know that there are medications out there that can help with the pain. Also, if the pain becomes too overwhelming for you, I really recommend that you see a your health care professional. He or she will know the perfect treatment for you. Now I don't wonder why my lower back hurts after reading. You shouldn't too. I really hope you get better because living a life that is focused on being stationary is not a way to live. Good luck with getting better.


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