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My back is hurting: Why does my back hurt so much?

Updated on November 5, 2011

My back is hurting: Why does my back hurt so much?

There you are at night trying to sleep. Everything is fine; you are wearing your favourite pjs, have the perfect sheets and the neighbour actually stopped blasting his music...FINALLY. You are ready to fall asleep. But out of nowhere, your back starts to hurt. Why now? Why does my back hurt? Jawn, MY BACK HURTS, WHAT DO I DO!?

Wow. Hold on there. I think I have the answer for you. I will break it down into three simple steps. Thus, here are my three reasons why your back hurts so much.

  1. You are picking up items incorrectly. People tend to pick up heavy items by bending over and using the strength of their back. This puts too much of a strain on your back. This will lead to future back problems. So, if you are about to pick up something heavy, make sure you bend your knees and use your legs to help. This will eliminate the stress on your back.
  2. You are exercising your back too much or exercising your back incorrectly. When you are working out your back, it is possible that you are putting too much weight on your back for too long. You might think that it is building your back muscles faster than usual, however it does have an adverse affect on the overall health of your back. Try using less weight on your back with less reps. This way your back will not be worked out past the point of ability.
  3. You have a problem with the discs in your back. This is the worst case scenario. It is quite possible that you have a problematic disc. This can happen due to the previous two reasons or because of age/heredity. You might have to talk to your doctor about this issue.

There are your answers to "why my back is hurting". I hope you manage to correct the way your back feels soon. You shouldn't go through life wondering, "Why does my back hurt so much!" Good luck to you.


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