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My First Colon Exam

Updated on June 16, 2017

Site Of Polypectomy

I didn't think that I would share something so personal as this with anyone outside my family. O.k., about December of 2011 I was bending over to retrieve something that fell to the ground while reaching for the item that had fallen I sneezed and pulled a muscle in the lower left side of my back that had left me in a seated position for 5 weeks. I ignored suggestions to go and visit the doctor because of my constant complaining and inability to do things I do with ease normally, such as my favorite home hobby of shaping the landscape of my home.

Anyway, I started to notice that my bowel movements have become infrequent from my daily eradication, and become more like a 3-4 day practice which I chucked up to be constipation. I started to use stool softeners to make the process more frequent, I used most laxatives that were shelved in the pharmacy, and when these product weren't effective I went to the health store to find products to do a total body flush called 7 and 9 which I had bought while I was in U.S.A. this product actually helped which had brought me back to a daily exercise.

I had thought my stomach issues were behind me, and then suddenly started up again which had started the infrequent visits to the bathroom once more but this time the infrequent practices had been accompanied by bloating, heartburn, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Under the directions of my family doctor after realizing all the issues that had pop up from my lack of irregular check up, she had me do a blood test for scrotum cancer which I did last week and was told that if there are any issues with the test I will be receiving a phone call, that call never came thank God.

Before leaving my doctors office a week ago she also suggested that I should be scheduled for a colon examination for Sept 27, 2012, which was yesterday, she then went on to say the colon exam will determine what is causing my stomach issues. Well, that just set off all kind of crazy thought for the whole week before my exam, thoughts like what if I should have colon cancer?, how long will i live for?, how is this going to affect my family if I die, are all my finances in order in case of my demise?, I had one of the terrifying weeks of my life, of "what ifs" sleepless nights of worry, which I had to keep from my wife and children . I had to appear to be the pillar of strength, and avoid extending that worry that I was experiencing to my family.

That day has passed now and the endoscopic doctor told me the findings show that I have no polyps, a biopsy was done, I have a mild case of Diverticulosis which is benign and the condition derives from aging ( Benign condition where pockets (pouches) form in the large intestine), the test also revealed that there are no inflammation in my stomach and small internal hemorrhoids.

I was also reassured by the nurse that I am fine my conditions are caused by aging and with proper diet, fiber, water consumption, and exercise along with regular check-ups I will be just fine. Mind you, I still have to meet with my doctor to discuss the test result in five weeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to get this exam done to minimize the risk of detecting advanced stages of colon cancer that could be treated if caught early enough, and one other thing drinks plenty of water to promote healthy kidney function. I ask for your prayer because I still have to see my doctor in five weeks to get the final verdict to the test. Stay tuned God bless you all.


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