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My Self-Care Pledge

Updated on February 11, 2016
healinghands1668 profile image

Erin wrote this pledge to herself on a day off. She strongly encourages everyone to write their own pledges to themselves.

On this day, I solemnly swear... dedicate this entire day, from waking until sleeping, to myself; to my mind, to my body, to my spirit; to my needs and my wants and my desires; to my thoughts and my ideas; to the things that are important to me, in the name of nurture and healing.

I promise that for one day, I will eliminate the things that cause me the greatest anxiety. I will not drive. I will not read the news. I will not argue. I will avoid all comments sections on the internet. I will not check for messages on my phone. I will clear away the clutter and give myself a calm environment to flourish in.

For one day, I promise I will have no obligations to anyone's desires except my own. I will have no deadlines, no promises to keep to anyone except myself. I will say 'no' to any request that makes me feel resentful and I will have no qualms about doing so.

I promise to eat the things I like when I am hungry, and to stop when I am satisfied, neither denying myself nor gorging. Food will nourish me and give me pleasure.

I promise to honor my body with healthy exercise and cleansing sweat, strengthening and improving my health without reaching exhaustion.

I promise to perform the rituals and wear the clothes that make me feel most beautiful while recognizing that I am beautiful with or without them, and not caring whether or not anyone sees.

I promise to honor my mind with rest and meditation.

I promise I will seek out the things that give me pleasure. I will seek out sunshine and books and music. I will dedicate time to petting and playing with my cats.

I promise I will not shun creativity in the name of relaxation, but I will honor the muses when they see fit to visit. Creativity is often born of a relaxed and happy mind, but I will not strain my mind when the time comes to rest. Today, nothing will be forced.

I promise to feel every emotion that arises. Neither anger nor sorrow will be shunned should they arise, but felt and acknowledged and released. I promise that I will scream and I will cry if my spirit moves me, and I will allow myself to be comforted.

I promise to embrace the parts of my environment that I cannot control, to move with them rather than against them. I will not attempt to control or change anyone except myself. For even on a day I have dedicated to myself, I am not an island.

I promise to be proud of everything I accomplish today, and not to lament the things I did not. This is not the last day of my life, nor the last day I will have to dedicate to myself and my needs.

I promise to go to bed at a reasonable hour, so as not to undo the good work of the day by depriving myself of sleep.

I promise that today, the healer will be healed, so that tomorrow I may find my capacity for compassion, empathy, and nurture renewed. Today is dedicated to myself, so that tomorrow I may have more of myself to share with others.

A call to self-care

Will you dedicate a day to yourself and no one else?

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