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Standing Tall

Updated on April 7, 2022

Not sure where to turn and perhaps clueless to my own shortcomings, what he said might be true...

"Once the pandemonium settles, I may drop in for a bit." Now why on Gods green earth would I want anyone that said that to me to drop by let alone ever come near me?

Especially saying it immediately following his statement of saying I was a chatter box that never listens. And furthermore, he had asked me a question, which I heard and understood very well, but when attempting to answer it he tried interrupting me. So, I am now led to believe he wanted an argument. Master Manipulator had his own agenda.

Of course my life is pandemonium to many, but only to those that live alone and have no pets or children running around. How dare he!

While cooking dinner at his house for at least the hundredth time or more he said to me standing near, while I was rinsing a knife, "the hot water is to the left and the cold," and abruptly halted when I turned a vicious glare his way. Now, I ask this, "just who was the stupid one?"

As I quietly sipped my enjoyably delectable tasting first coffee of the morning, all the while oblivious to the noise of his preferred radio station, he asked, "are you listening to this, you just might learn something about the world and know things." Had I no feeling of loving my coffee I believe it may have soared through the air connecting at a very desired target, and no not the radio.

As I entered the dimly lit room in my seductive attire, he closed his eyes which I read as he is pretending to delightfully surprise me. I did not think he would actually pretend to sleep for I had peeked through the crack in the wall just prior to entering the room and saw he was wide awake watching the TV. He stayed in that state, did I leave? Did I think there was something wrong with me?

Five foot 3, oops, wait that's not accurate. Five feet, two and a half inches tall, waist length brown with highlights hair, weighing 125ilbs resembling a hint of Shania Twain in corner #1. To the leftest corner, corner#2. Weighing approximately 180lbs with a nice body for a forty-eight year old man with a boyish appearance similar to a Kevin Costner affect.... Nights when her children are nowhere to be found he remains in his corner while she feels loved and appreciated by the man in her life.... NOT!!!

The man to her starts to resemble a coyote. A very out of the ordinary coyote! The one that is more interested in a tree than the nice side of beef presented in front of he.

The woman and her seven year old son packed a bag containing the necessities for a fishing trip out to sea with the admired and devoted fisherman. Upon reaching the cove, where it was previously decided to meet the once adored captain of the little green dory, their wasted steps were met with cries from her son when the sailor took the boy's much hated neighbor... instead of his mother. The son no longer wanted to go without his mother and sheer agony was the moral of that story.

The same man was able to convince time and time again the lady and her son to spend time with him. Dinner here, and dinner there taking her son fishing while she would prepare. Sometimes, showing up out of the blue when she had begun to forget without much regret. He never bought her flowers but instead grew a lovely garden and hung potted plants along his veranda. She had ignored him for two whole weeks one time, and came home to two potted plants resting on each side of her walkway thinking what a wonderful and beautiful find.

The last time she saw him she knew it would never matter to her if that was her last vision of he. After eating the tasty breakfast she brought he vanished to the shower leaving his vibrating cell phone within her reach. Standing tall, well as tall as any five foot two and half woman can, grateful for its honesty and cant take back evidence she caught him red-handed once and for all.


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