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Updated on May 10, 2013


Helping to cure vaginal thrush the natural way..... quickly


Having worked in the Natural Health Profession for over 25 years I have never found a more immediate help for thrush than a clove of garlic.

Take a length of bandage gauze around 4 to 5 cm wide and 24 cm long. Peel one medium clove of garlic and bruise and damage surface a little so that the garlic juices are releasing.

Place the garlic clove halfway along the gauze strip in the middle area. Now fold over the end of the gauze so that you have the garlic clove at one end with the two ends of gauze covering each other. Now pick up by the covered garlic and begin to twist the gauze so that it hold the garlic clove securely.

Use this garlic vaginal suppository as you would a tampax and insert securely with the gauze strips outside the area. This should be left in place for around three hours and then changed for a new garlic suppository made in exactly the same way. Change again after three hours or so making three changes a day. It is quite safe to keep in place during the night for the time the cure takes.

Because of the strong antibiotic properties of the garlic you should be thrush free in three days. The thrush fungus will not thrive with garlic around. Eating garlic in your meals at this time is also good for boosting your immune system.

Make sure that you are helping yourself by using only natural washing soaps such as vegetable oil soaps or soaps with no perfumes and chemicals.

Start to check all your beauty products and especially those used in delicate areas. Our skins are not made for these chemical additions that are in every "normal" cosmetic and beauty product. Because of the pressure from the public it is easier now to search out Organic, essential oil Beauty products including wonderful natural body lotion, cleansers etc. if you are choosing Organic then its pretty certain that there will be no or fewer additives.

But remember the delicate parts of your body are best left completely natural with just the addition of vegetable soap and water which keeps the balance. Taking antibiotics for other conditions can also upset the balance of your own system in this area so be extra careful at these times.


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    • profile image

      Anye 5 years ago

      This is very useful, thank you, though I must point out that not only women get vaginal thrush. There are many guys and trans* people with 'female' bodies..

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 5 years ago from UNIVERSE

      I would say here use it orally by taking in your food. If you are breast feeding I definitely wouldn't use on the nipples, nothing stopping you using a little garlic squeezed into the cream you use on your babys bottom. if you have this on the nipples then there is an imbalance so check out any products you might be using like nipple creams etc. make sure they are natural with no perfumes or chemicals of any description otherwise use nothing. regards

    • nicolems profile image

      nicolems 5 years ago from Texas

      What about garlic for breast thrush? I don't believe I have a vaginal yeast infection, but I absolutely have a breast thrush infection and my baby has a diaper yeast infection. If I mashed up some and applied it to my nipples, would it work the same way? Or will inserting it vaginally help rid the entire body?

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Yes squeeze fresh juices from one clove of garlic each insertion.

    • profile image

      Stacey 6 years ago

      Could you put fresh garlicky juices onto a tampon ?

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Yes, that works fine with piercing the garlic capsule and squeezing contents onto a tampon or thicker piece of bandage.

    • profile image

      Simona 6 years ago


      Can a garlic capsule be used instead?


    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

      No, no burning at all

    • profile image

      tammy 6 years ago

      does it burn tho?

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      Never tried this but its worth a go! I have also used colloidol silver to beat thrush. If you keep getting thrush it sounds like you have candida in your system which you need to address.

    • profile image

      Tim Fisher 8 years ago

      I can confirm the use of garlic as described in this article is an effective treatment. If you have a recurring problem with thrush, however, you will need to address other issues such as diet in order to prevent the overgrowth of Candida bacteria in your intestines - which is the fundamental cause of all yeast infection.

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 8 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Easy natural way for your body to get rid of what it doesn't want. Garlic the most powerful anti biotic, anti fungal etc.

      You will need to keep the natural balance in your body after using the treatment.



    • gramarye profile image

      gramarye 8 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

      I've never heard of this before - but getting quite desperate for a cure.