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N.A.T.U.R.E Life

Updated on March 18, 2015



Nature Life


The Sun the Moon

Day and Night



The Earth lush vegetation Animals wild tame and


The Ocean aquatic life.

Life and the soul embodied in a being with Breath.

The Hierarchy of Mother Nature.

In nature the strongest and biggest physically

Fierce rule over its pride or pack of its own kind.

Then the Human Soul....

The wisest amongst All forms of life logically


There is a lot of goodness mankind has bought to

Life in the world and within our universe.


The telephone light bulbs computers televisions



We write books and we educate other souls,

That are willing to learn.

Automobiles road and highways.

Stoves and microwaves to warm and cook our


Aeroplanes ships and trains to travel around the world.....

Yet there is another side to the leaps of faith

Mankind has attained.

There is Poverty some souls in 3rd world

Countries starve to death while heaps

Of wealth of the nation stays in the hands

Of the government politicians and business men.

There are diseases which have no cure.


Domestic violence crime violence on the streets

And in our homes.

There are jails which are supposed to rehabilitate

Those that are a menace to society.

When was the last century there was peace on

Earth ?

Even in biblical times man has has been

uncivilised and barbaric.

We are killing each other.

Paying minimum wages.

Good medical care costs a arm and a leg.

And if you can not afford medical aid it is your

Own baby.

If our babies are not born healthy, how can

We have a sober productive society.

We are slaughtering our brothers and sisters

Over wars we know nothing about about.

If that Reality we have created for our self's is

Not painful enough,

Let us take a closer look....

We enslave ‎ one another materially emotionally

And physically.

We mine minerals from the earth.

Gold Diamonds platinum silver and copper.

We put a value on these items and we promote

Humans to wear jewellery chains ear rings

And even in our religious unions weddings.

The conditions where these minerals are mined

and abstracted from the earth are deep under

ground and highly unsafe.

Many miners lose their lives, all in the name of

trying to survive as they may not have had a sound

Education and they have no better options.

Their children may go hungry someone has to

feed them.

Wild Animals,

Are now confined to nature reserves

Some of the most exotic animals are extinct

Example we poach Rhinos.

There is global warming.

The oceans are angry.

Do you think the Gods are pleased with

Our arrogance wealth and lack of compassion

Towards the value of the soul and life?

May we focus on the goodness of humanity.

Educate build cosy home.

Invent inventions that will benefit nature

And the well being of humanity.


May we value the thoughts we harbour in our

Minds daily. May we set goals for ourselves

May we seek to enlighten our minds.

Find Peace in our hearts.

Improve our quality of life, and reach for the

Stars and bring our dreams to life one day at a

time . May we conquer our fears and cherish our

Blessings. Everything you own no matter how

Insignificant it may seem, value your assets .

They will teach you responsibility and how to

accumulate more treasures.

Praise yourself at all times motivate those closest

to you,with effort and perseverance God will

Give you all the strength you may need.

Are you not blessed to be living?

You may not be a king, yet you are a son and

daughter of Mankind.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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