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Whitstable Views: National Health Service, more concerned with money than with health?

Updated on September 13, 2016
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CJ Stone is a writer and a postal worker. He has lived in Whitstable for over thirty years.

A&E department with ambulance
A&E department with ambulance


My Dad was seriously ill a while back. He's 86 years old and getting increasingly fragile.

My sister called me up. He had a urinary infection. When I saw him he was stuck in bed, shivering, unable to move. He was unsteady on his feet and needed help to walk

We called the doctor, who took one look and said he should be in hospital.

What followed was really disturbing.

The doctor rang the hospital. Obviously I was only privy to one half of the conversation, but I could guess the other half by what I heard the doctor saying.

The conversation lasted for some time – maybe half an hour or more – during which time the doctor's voice became increasingly agitated.

It was obvious that the hospital were refusing to take my Dad. They seemed to be finding every excuse not to send an ambulance.

I think they must have asked the doctor why he didn't treat my Dad at home.

“Because he's very fragile, and I'm worried that he might fall over.”

A couple of days before Dad had tripped over in the hall when coming home. He'd fallen on his face and had some bruising around the eye and his forehead was badly grazed.

This was a completely separate issue from the urinary infection, but having been told about it, the hospital now decided to take this as their primary concern.

They said he would have to go to A&E for tests.

It was about 11pm by now, and we were told that it might take up to 4 hours for the ambulance to arrive.

Bad idea

It was at this point that we decided that going to hospital was probably a bad idea: as if waiting half the night for an ambulance, and then being taken to A&E to spend more time on a trolley would help his urinary infection.

Luckily I wasn't working so I opted to stay with him instead

What was really worrying though was to hear the obvious reluctance of a hospital to take in a sick person.

I would guess this was for financial reasons. Such is the state of the NHS today, more concerned with money than with health.

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    • Whitstable Views profile imageAUTHOR

      Whitstable Views 

      2 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      I was surprised at the scenario with my Dad too, but it goes to show how strapped for cash the NHS is these days. It was Brown and Blair that started the rot, and the Tories are in the process of finishing it off. All the profitable bits - the easy bits - are being privatised. Even bloody Richard Branson - the tax exile - has whole swathes of the NHS now. Whoever thinks this is a sensible way of running a national health service is completely insane. Thanks for your comment Bob. Good luck in Mexico.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Chris: I was sickened last night watching the Last Night of the Proms, and all the patriotic crappola which is a pack of lies. Great Britain we're not and it's "God Help the Queen!"

      Try to get NHS dentists to do the right thing. They won't treat you with anything more than an Xray, a clean (Ha!) or a quick extraction under the NHS. Even though the NHS will pay the mercenary swine for bridges and crowns, they apparently don't pay them enough, so they will only do them privately. I just paid £670 for one crown!

      I am surprised at that scenario with your dad, though: but it seems as if age is becoming more and more a deciding factor if they want to treat a patient or not.

      I am going to Mexico in November to get some dental work done (implants). Here, one implant is equal to the cost of a decent used car!

      Hope dad gets better soon...I am 77 and it's not fun growing old in this dump...lucky he has you.



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