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How to Overcome Self Barriers and Serve Humanity

Updated on May 3, 2020
Natasha Tungare profile image

Hello everyone, I am a physiotherapist. I always believe that social work in any form itself is a path towards serving humanity.

It is said that there are two things which can achieve everything. Youth and money are the power of today's world. But we fail to understand that rather than being young or rich, our most powerful weapon is that we are humans. If we individuals feel that we cannot do something because we are old or lack money then somewhere we are underestimating our abilities. A well known philosophical and political leader of India, Swami Vivekananda always believed that we humans comprised eternal energy and this energy can lighten up wisdom of the world! And being humans we already have power to change the world.

Purpose behind Serving the Society

We all have our own purpose behind our actions. Law of Karma says, when you do good to others, you receive good in return. When you work towards helping the society, somewhere it does reflect back to you. There is a reason you have been given this gift to think and apply your knowledge for the betterment of others. There are different ways to serve people around you. Spreading the act of kindness, imparting your knowledge to others and helping people with small things in day to day life can make a lot of difference in the society. There are people who provide donations in the form of food, clothes, money whenever they cannot be physically present.

What is your barrier towards achieving something in life and serve humanity?

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Age is just a Number

In India, especially in rural and remote places, people still do consider age as a limitation. "You cannot run or ride a bicycle when you are 70 years old", "life during retirement should be relaxed one and you are not required to work anymore", "you are too young to do social work". These are the most common statements which people hear from their family members and society. Why? If you are fit enough, you can run, swim or cycle at any age. All it takes is the will power which should be strong enough to remove such pseudo beliefs and do something which can change a person's life. Even a small kid can donate his toys to the needy. Let age not be a barrier for anyone who truly wishes to do something for themselves and for the society.

Healthy Lifestyle

'Staying fit and healthy' is a universal phenomenon. It applies to everyone because your fitness and health has a huge impact, not only on yourself but also on the society. Your fitness somewhere influences the people around you to stay healthy and ultimately you can do something better for the people around you. You cannot pour water from an empty glass and similarly you cannot work for others and help them if you yourself are unable to maintain your health. You may read tons of articles and watch videos on how to stay fit and healthy, but still if you are not motivated enough and you lack a strong purpose, then you cannot achieve your goal to stay fit and healthy. When you are healthy, you will be able to keep others healthy too. Promote awareness of health amongst people around you and help them do exercises by motivating them

Stay Heathy and promote a better Health!

Take Risks

A fearful attitude will never help you get success in life. You need to take risks, experience downfalls and rise up through this to get better. This does not mean that you should take any vague steps just because you are willing to take risk, but rather taking calculated risks is important. When you think about consequences and are able to solve them, those are what you call calculated risks. Every successful person was once a beginner. Do not forget that you can start a company even at a younger age, you can quit your job which you dislike and try out something which you are really willing to do. A stronger purpose will always help you take risks carefully. Trust that process. You can be an inspiration for tons a lot of people out there who wants want to achieve something but are afraid to take risk.

Financial Condition

This is one of the most important aspect where people get stuck. The mindset that we cannot do something because it costs high, will always pull you down. With this thought process neither can we achieve anything nor can we help others achieve their dreams. You can help people by simply donating them what you do not want. Does this cost money? No, infact it will bring smile on someone's face and it will make you happy too for your good deed. There are different ways we can help someone without worrying about finances.

When you believe that you can, you have already won the battle between fear and your dreams.

Always motivate people to achieve their goals. In this way, you can work for the betterment of nation. We are not required to spare special time to perform a good deed, but we can incorporate social work and serve humanity into our daily schedule. Conducting awareness sessions about importance of education, health, fitness and many such topics of your expertise can be chosen to spread awareness amongst people. Even a smallest step towards serving the society can make a lot of difference. After all, every drop of water creates an ocean.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Natasha Tungare


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