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Natural Cures and Treatments for Anxiety

Updated on March 12, 2011

A little bit of anxiety is normal in everyone. Anxiety drives us to get the things that we need to accomplish done. However, there are times when anxiety levels can be in excess, or when anxiety attacks seem to come on for no apparent reason. When anxiety begins to interfere with normal, day to day functioning, it may be cause for concern. Anxiety disorders are becoming more and more common, due to greater work and family pressures, financial problems, and the rigorous demands of keeping up homes and vehicles. It is true that Americans today have more stress than ever before.

Anxiety disorders can occur as a result of stress, the inability to cope with stress, or because of underlying emotional issues that may stem from relationships, traumatic events, or loss. There are many different types of anxiety disorders. Some anxiety disorders can lead to panic attacks or may bring back unpleasant memories from the past. People with post traumatic stress disorder often have anxiety surrounding childhood trauma, sexual trauma, or time served in war. For these people, day to day living can often feel unbearable, and additional coping mechanisms for dealing with stress may be needed. 

Licensed clinical therapists can provide assistance with stress management techniques, as well as relationship counseling for couples. Counseling may also be beneficial for people who have dealt with less or are unable to overcome grief. People with certain types of addictions may also be more prone to anxiety, and may not have effective coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. When panic attacks and anxiety seem to occur for no apparent reason, it may be a sign of an underlying physical condition, a hormonal imbalance, or a chemical imbalance in the brain.

People with severe anxiety, or those prone to panic attacks, may also need to seek the medical advice of a doctor. Doctors can test for certain types of medical conditions that may be the source of anxiety attacks. In women, hormonal imbalances associated with menopause or female reproductive disorders can also lead to excess anxiety, but for many of these disorders, hormone treatment can help eliminate symptoms. In some cases, doctors may also prescribe medication for anxiety treatment.

For people with established anxiety disorders, there are also certain types of nutritional supplements and natural remedies that can help with anxiety symptoms and reduce panic attacks. Kava, lemon balm, and California poppy are three well-known herbs often used to treat anxiety symptoms and panic attacks in people with these kinds of disorders.


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